New grow room design...please comment!!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Legalizit, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. My current grow room is a single, 400 watt HPS over one bubble bucket. This is just taking to long, i mean im being patient and all but i cant wait 15 weeks in between harvests, im sorry.

    So my new grow room is going to have a clone/mother room, a veg room, and a flower room.

    -For the clone and mother room, I have a 4 ft fluoro shoplight housing two 32 watt 6500k bulbs for the clones and a 105 watt day light CFL for the mother. Ill have the clones in rockwool cubes in a humidome untill they are rooted, then they will move into the clone room. The mother will be in a DWC bucket and LST'd. Both will be under 24/0 light...

    -The veg room will have a 400 watt MH on 24/7 (or 18/6?). Im still not sure what the plants will be in...either a drip feed system or an aero tub. Which would you guys recommend?

    -The flower room will have a 400 watt hps over an aero tub with 6in net pots. The aero tub will be the exact same as Herbal remedies, 30 gal. Great DYI!...check it out:).

    As for the arrangement ill do my best to paint it for ya...
    The rooms are going to be divided with thick black plastic and the parts that are dotted will roll up to access the plants. The flowering room is in a closet kind of thing if you couldnt tell.

    I know the exhaust in the flowering room is ok but i dont know how to tackle the veg room. Squirrel cage fan maybe? And i think the clone room should be fine with just a small circulation fan. The veg and flower room will have circ. fans as well...

    Also, will i be alright velcro-ing all of the doors shut at all times? I understand if i do this there wont be any intake?

    Lets see what else...

    Ill have mylar every where possible...

    I dont think theres anything else...If i missed anything, please let me know!!!

    Please comment...I need all the advice i can get, let me know if anything isnt right or is missing. im gonna start this sucker up ASAP:smoking:.

    Thanks grasscity!:wave:
  2. Clone veg room can be the same and is smaller than flower room.Make flower room your veg/clone room.Make other 2 rooms one flower room.
  3. Hey, great idea man! I never even thought of that.

    Heres my new revised plan...
    Ceilings are 7' BTW. Will a 265cfm cage fan be good for the flower room? The duct for the fan will also be in between the ceiling beams, i couldnt illustrate that though...

    Again, any comments, questions, input is all welcome.

    Thanks again:smoke:
  4. Hey bro - look'n tight!

    I'm with ya all the way up until I read a single word..... Squirrel.

    Dont bother with em - they're way way less effective than a much lower CFM inline fan. Go with inline... you'll be very pleased that you did. Quieter and the air flow is right on with the CFM listing.
  5. SOlid bro, good looks. I was just about to send back my 6" inline vortex for the squirrel but i guess ill keep it and throw a dimmer on it:).

    Keep 'em comin!:D

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