New grow need help

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Raw_Cone_Jay, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. When does week 1 start for a seedling?
  2. When the 3rd set of leaves appear. Well that's what I went by... read heaps of different shit
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  3. Thanks bro !
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  4. How should i water and feed my plants? Should i water them wait 2 days in between and feed them (repeat)?
  5. Depends. What soil do you use? Do you use soil, coco coir? And have you mixed it with Perlite?
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  6. I use regular soil, I use a gallon of water for 2 plants about 3 feet tall in 2 gallon sized pots & what is perlite?
  7. Only water the plants once the soil is dry up to one inch from the top. Is it being grown inside or outside? Outdoor plants need to be watered slightly more due to evaporation. Perlite is recommended to be mixed with soil as it prevents the soil from becoming too compact, and can allow for easier drainage.
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  8. Thanks bro! Ill make sure to get that perlite.
  9. What should I do about bugs inside my seedling? Im using a small cup from starbucks and I can see little bugs crawling around inside the soil.
  10. You're growing.. your cannabis plant.. inside a starbucks cup..? Are you planning on transplanting it into something bigger..? And to answer the bug problem, did you clean the cup? And also send us a picture of this "bug" so we can identify it. It could either be a spider mite, fungas gnats, etc
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  11. When you touch the bugs do they hop like a kangaroo if so their springtails and those shits are everywhere you should be fine.
  12. I always cook my soil be For I use it gets rid of a lot of problems down the road
  13. Are you Aussie bro ?
  14. Are you for real? ;D
  15. Yes I am lol paranoid as hell
  16. No not aussie
  17. Oh boy been drinking all night I'll just stop replying now.
    your new bible. read it, study it, live it.
  19. Not all bugs are bad, unfortunately most we see are...I totally get wanting to toss a couple seeds in a cup to see what happens but if you actually want to grow some dankness you need to do some serious reading first, you wouldnt take off in an airplane then try to figure out how to fly it, growing can be a rewarding experience but the learning curve is steep at first back in the day it was all stoner myths from your buddies because there was no internet, no books to read, growing can also be totally frustrating so save yourself some sleepless nights buy a couple books and study, study, study THEN pop a few seeds my friend you will not regret it.,,

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