New Grow: Multidisciplinary Approach

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  1. I'm planning a closet grow that will utilize several cultivation techniques in order to:

    1. Maximize yield in a small space
    2. Minimize cost
    3. Be secure and incognnito
    4. Have perpetual/sustained harvests

    Now, the last time I grew, I was in high school. My mom got pissed off and made me cut down my plants just 3 weeks into flowering. So, I'm 20 now and renting a room from a pretty cool lady (but not THAT cool). For some reason, people tend to freak out about people growing/bringing drugs in their houses. Weird, I know. Anyway, it's time to start again. This is what's running through my head since I decided to do this a couple days ago:

    A CFL grow using 2 x 42w cool white and 2 x 42w warm white from seedling through veg. I'll probably add 2 or 3 more warm white CFLs for flowering and one or two odor-eliminating CFLs. As for a fan, I have a 10" box fan with variable speeds for the closet, which is about 2x4 and as high as the ceiling. The fan will be blowing on the tops of the plants and lights. The closet will not be ventilated, but rather opened much of the day.

    Soil will be bought at a local hardware store. I'll probably opt to use peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite that I mix myself if they're pure, or a potting soil with nothing but a tiny bit of phosphorous to stimulate root growth. The potting soil will be aerated with vermiculite. I don't like how the moss and perlite usually have nutes in them now, and I hate going to grow shops. Besides, this is a weed, right? Pot will adapt to use less than anal-retentive soil.

    Now, the strains and methods:

    Lowryder or best available auto-flowering dwarf hybrid.

    Lowryder will be grown from seed. I'll plant all ten seeds and hope for as many females as possible. I'd hope to yield 2oz. from 10 mixed plants, assuming 5/10 will be female. Males will be eliminated. These plants should take about 9 weeks from seed to harvest. The grow method for these will be simple. 24/7 light for the first 2 weeks, and then 18/6. Seedlings will be planted in red plastic cups. When sex is determined, females will be transplanted to 1 gallon pots. If I get 5 females, they should occupy about half of the grow space.

    An indica-dominant, short-statured plant (no more 2.5 ft.) will be started alongside the Lowryder, because normal vegitative photoperiod is 18/6, just like Lowryder's flowering cycle optimum. 24/7 shouldn't hurt seedlings for a week or two.

    I have some heavy indica bagseed to use for this. The plants will be vegged for one month or until they show sex. Two females will be selected. One plant will become a clone mother. Clones will veg for a short time and then be flowered, so they'll be short, bushy "Christmas trees". The other indica will be trained into a bush by the LST method to maximize yield and minimize space. The LST plant will be allowed to vegetate in a seperate chamber with the clone mother until it looks full enough to flower.

    Ideally, this should create a 3-stage harvest. First, the lowryders should be ready to harvest about 2 months after planting. The clones should be ready about a month after that. A month after the clones are ready, the LST bush will be ready to harvest.


    2 months - harvest lowryder
    3.5 months - harvest clones
    4 months - harvest LST plant


    After the lowryders are cleared out, there will be some extra space. More clones can be made and moved into the flowering chamber, while new seeds can be planted in the grow chamber. The new plants will be donors and LST bushes. Basically, the lowryders are there to give me a jumpstart, because this can be done with any type of bud.

    This grow op will take advantage of CFL technology, and my closet will be separated into two chambers - top and bottom, veg and flowering. This is my first grow in 3 years. I know I'm forgetting stuff. I did read The Cannabis Grow Bible cover-to-cover, but that was in the 11th grade. I hope it's evident in my lack of "kewlness". I do a lot of reading. Just like they say on totse; read. know. do.
  2. looks like your on the right track. You have definitely thought ahead about it all which is good. So good luck on your grow, maybe ill stick around and see how it turns out. I may be able to answer some questions that you may have also. Peace :smoking:

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