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  1. so im wanting to start a new personal grow.
    I've been curious about growing with LEDs so I think I'm going to give it a shot.
    Since I dont have any experience with them I figured I'd come here and see your opinion on what im looking at ordering. I've always built my own space and had some cheap lights so I'm excited to start back up with some new toys.
    I've got a good amount of bag seeds ill be using to test on them until I can order some autos.
    So for the light I've found this apollo 300w LED. They also have a smaller 240w thats cheaper.
    I dont need much space so i found the smallest tent i could.
    Milliard Tent- 30"x18"x36"

  2. Also I'm thinking of going with hydroponics on this grow as well.Strainman Thanks for toking
  3. What is everyone's obsession with auto strains?? Thats why you guys have so many fucked up plants low producing
  4. What are you going on about? My last Moby Dick auto jarred 2.5 with little buds left over. My current Diesel Ryder will get over 3. Hearing people slam auto's is tedious. Maybe you should actually learn more about them first.
    If my plants produced only 3 ounces I would quit growing and buy it like everyone else because it wouldn't be worth my time, effort, or money.
    So maybe you should learn about them first and realize auto strains BLOW
  6. Oh poor baby. Did I upset you? Here is a tissue for your issue. Look, most people do personal grows and would be pretty damn happy with 3 ounces from a single autoflower. Maybe you are the king of growing, at least in your tiny head anyway, and you get 20 ounces per plant. Well BFD! Maybe you secretly crave a standing ovation. Sorry, not going to give you one. Not everybody can apparently grow like you because you are soooooo perfect when it comes to cultivation. Is that about right? Nobody compares? Your the only game in town? Ego the size of a baby stroller? Good for you bubba, good for you. I hope you feel better now. But hey, just quit crying about auto's.
    No I just notice that every amateur on here reads something, then goes and tries to do the same fucking thing. 90% of the people growing on this site are micro grows with terrible looking plants/product.
    When I used to be on this site it was good but I am soon starting to realize all the good growers are no longer on this site....and I know why.
    We got you claiming to grow the "dankest bud around" and then you are happy with 2-3 ounces per plant. You probably only get 2-3 ounces because your equipment sucks, your environment sucks, your strains suck, and I wouldn't doubt your plants are infested with diseases and fungus. Yeah bro you got the dankest bud around all because you are stupid enough to pay for a power box and make grow stores rich. Half the things they try to sell don't even need. But you're the man. You spend 2 months budding plants to get 2 ounces lol. You are probably losing money go buy your weed from someone who knows what they're doing you would be better off you tool

    We're getting tired of your disrespectful behavior. If you don't like the vibe here, you can move along to any one of a number of sites that allow this kind of bs. We won't tolerate it here. - Chunk
  8. how about a link to a usful thread then? dont just hate help ppl out and give us info we can use so this site can learn how to be as good as it used to.
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  10. hey man do what you do...just make sure your parents dont find your cfl's when its night night time
  11. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391059355.035945.jpg Strainman Thanks for toking
  12. My 2 cents: Auto-Flower is great for a fairly unattended guerrilla grow. I grew original Lowrider about five years ago, in an abandoned field. I was pretty happy with the results that I got, and it was perfect for my situation.

    I would have to agree, that 2 to 3 ounces per plant, would not be worth the money nor the risk involved with growing. But if it is to some people, then that's their choice and their risk.

    I am not a smoker, I love to grow. Growing has always been an art to me. I believe that some people find auto flowering plants to be taking away from some of that art. I can see how they would feel that way. My ex-husband always wanted to grow Hydro, but I preferred to be a dirt farmer. I like the individuality of watering each plants, taking the time to turn them, look look them over, inspect for any problems and discard any leaves/branches that may be taking valuable nutrients.

    I also agree, that's a lot of people spend money on gadgets that they really do not need, but if it makes them feel better, I guess it's not my business. My most successful grow, was in a shitty 4 x 3 box, that I built myself out of 2x4's. I walled it with mylar covered cardboard, and the front Wall was removed during the 600w light cycle. The box was about 12 feet in front of a wall air conditioner that I ran during the lifecycle. At night, the front wall was partially removed and the window left open, for fresh air. And I slept facing the grow box, about 3ft away. I pulled 14 to 16 ounces per plant (Sweet Tooth), growing in 3 gallon pots. My initial investment, was less then $800.

    Ok. My 2 cents are over. :)

    I actually came here, to learn about LED flowering lights. I need one for my current situation.
  13. Got everything delivered and already have a little guy popping out of one if the cubes ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392168067.380135.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392168079.495793.jpg

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  14. I still need to order a ph meter and ph up n down though

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  15. #2 :D

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  16. Would anyone be interested in me making youtube video updates as they grow?

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  17. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392659069.225782.jpg

    They are coming out very nicely

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  18. Also I didn't end up ordering any seeds I've got a ton that ive been saving from bags or previous plants I've grown.

    So far I have 5 growing in my dwc they all look nice and are growing very well.

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  19. And you people arguing on my thread.... **** off.

    I'm here to learn, show what I've done and maybe make some other horticultured friends. I don't need you people crowding my thread for your own stupid comments if it's not going to be helpful in any sort of way then I suggest How bout you learn to get along or gtfo my thread....


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