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    Hello all fellow growers and tokers. After all of my questions and all of my reading, and all of my preparations, my grow has begun, and I figured I should start a journal. I am actually 2 weeks and 2 days in from when the germinated seeds hit the rockwool. If this grow is successful, my next grow will be mothers first, then clones. I have one very mediocre grow under my belt from almost 16 yrs ago. So I want to see that I can do it, then I will grow some moms. J Anyway, some of the pics are crap, they we will better from here on out. My setup is as follows.

    I am growing 1 White Widow, and 1 Northern Lights. Was also going to do 1 Bubble Cheese, but although the seed popped, she didn't make it. These are feminized seeds from The Attitude.

    400W Non Cooled Hydrofarm HPS
    2.8 x 2.8 x 5.3 Secret Jardin Tent
    18 Gallon Rubberneck res, holding 11 gallons of water/nutes.
    30 gal air pump with 2 12” air stones
    Lucas Formula GH Flora (0-8-16)
    265 cfm squirrel cage fan sitting on top of the tent attached to a 2 foot piece of ducting that is sitting in the outtake hole of the tent. Sucks air out really well this way.
    High velocity mini floor fan sitting outside the tent in front of an intake flap.
    Oscillating fan inside.
    Carbon filter to come.

    Tent sits inside a closet in a room that is air conditioned.
    Temps are remaining steady with the light on at 77 – 80 degrees.
    Lights off temps are 72 – 74 degrees.
    Humidity varies from low 40's to mid 60's. I have a humidifier to help on very dry days. I do not yet have a dehumidifier but will get one if necessary.

    That's about it.

    So on May 10'th, the seedlings went into rockwool, then into the 5” netpots filled with hydroton and into the res. I was worried about them going right under my HID so I ended up putting them too far away and I got a stretch from both of them right from the beginning.

    I started with 50% strength with the Lucas formula, and the NL suffered. The WW did ok though after moving the light closer, on the 50% strength nutes. But I had to go full strength because the NL was suffering bad as you will see in the pics.

    The res change happened last Sunday (5/23). The growth from the WW has exploded over the last 3 days. And all the new growth on the NL is nice and healthy looking, but she is just starting to recover growth wise, she has some catching up to do. So they are 16 days old. What do you guys think?

    Ok, The first and 3rd pic were taken on Saturday. They were 1 week and 5 days old. recovering from a stretch. I changed the res to full strength nutes on Sunday. The other 3 pics were taken today, only 4 days after the other ones. That WW is taking off. And the NL is recovering nicely from nute deficiency.

    The 1st 2 pics are the NL and the last 3 are the WW.
  2. hmmmm, pics didn't show up. Let me try again here.

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  3. Forgot to add, I am most likely going to scrog this grow as I am limited in grow height in my tent. Screen to come.

    Anyone have any comments or advice?
  4. Aryt BadAxe, n1 on the grow set up looks sweet.
    You were sayin in your 1st post that you have invested in a Secret Jardin Tent 2.8 x 2.8 x 5.3. So whats it lyk?

    I also recently invested in a DarkRoom 100x100x200 only £100. I was going to get a similar tent to your self, but as you said i thought that i was going to have height issues so thought the extra 12' would be needed. Dont have it set up at the minute but it looks pretty sweet with lots of vent holes.
    Whats the overall sterdyness of yours like with the light and all attached? Are finding that ventelation/over heating is a problem? I heard that was a big issue? Do you have the negative pressure that need to extract smells with just a 265cfm fan?

    Sorry full of questions here as your the 1st person with a tent set-up that ive gotten speaking 2. :smoking:
  5. Hey Skyline, thanx for taking a look and commenting. Unfortunately i have to run out the door to work, and no browsing MJ forums from there. :) I will respond to your questions either at lunch time or after work. I love my tent, and will tell you all about it.
  6. Hay no probz man, nothin worse then hittin the forums then having to go to work lol look forward to hearin bout your set-up.
  7. Sturdiness is top notch. My HPS is heavy, its a very old one. I have it suspended by metal clips around the tent pole, and 2 S hooks connected to the light hangers I made from a coat hanger. lol. And its supported solidly. I will take a pic to show you.

    For me, I was glad in the end I got the shorter one because the closet it sits in has a shel and a pole about 2 inches higher than the top of the tent, so any higher and it would not have fit in the closet. I am going to scrog, and in future grows, lst, so the limited grow height should not be a problem.

    I have no heat issues thus far. I could not figure out a good way to mount my squirrel cage fan inside, so I put it up on top like I explained. I have the side with the 4" duct hole positioned straight over the outake vent hole of the ten, with a piece of ducting lining the inside of the vent. It draws air out very well. I wanted more airflow though so I put the high velocity mini floor fan by the intake vent for a little more air. My temps hold steady as mentioned from 77 - 80 with the lights on, if it goes over 90 outside, my tent may reach into the 81-82 area, but it has never gone above that, and mostly stays at 77 - 80. I think I would have even better temps had I gotten the 400 cfm fan, but for now, I am within a good range of temps.

    And when I post the pics later, I will show you the grow progress from just yesterday. Man they are thriving now. Will post pics a bit later. Peace.
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  9. Day 21. Everything is going fine and my PH and PPM #'s are still spot on. What do you guys think. Almost time to install the screen?

    1st 2 pics are the Northern Lights plant, the 2nd 2 are the White Widow.

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  10. No one wants to help guide me along my grow? No interested viewers?
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  12. Hopefully I will finish up making my screen tonight. Then I will install it. As soon as about 1/2 of the screen is full I will make the switch. I imagine in about a week, 2 at the most, the lights will go 12/12. Thanks. :)

    I am not yet on pins and needles waiting. but thats only cause I know I got a while to go yet, but as it gets closer it will get so tempting. LOL
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  14. hey thanx, I missed this. Ok, here is a quick update. Everything is on track. They just entered week 2 of 12/12, so nothing exciting happening yet except still tons of growth. I do not know if I am scrogging all that well but I am doing my best to do it right. I had to actually tie down the top of my White Widow because she just grew right up through the screen and the trunk is too think to bend under anymore.

    I only provided one updated pic because its the first taken with my Canon Digital Rebel cam, all my other pics were phone pics. So although the lighting sux (HPS was on) the detail is much better. I will post more pics as the good stuff starts to happen.

    No real deficiencies to speak of. Some yellow spots on the lower fan leaves, and some minor burnt tips on the NL, but I think I got my nutes adjusted and on point, PH holding steady. Temp and Humidity right on point. They are drinking like a fish now, adding 2 to 3 gallons every 4 days. More to come.

  15. Hello folks. I know this hasn't been much of a journal, but I have some update pics. Been in 12/12 for 4 weeks today. They been flowering for about 2 1/2 weeks so far. A few notes and lessons learned and still learning.

    My scrog was not a complete success but did succeed in making sure they will not grow into my light. The growth was so explosive during the first couple weeks of 12/12 and I lost control of pulling them under/tying them down. I finally decided to just let it go, and thats what we have below in the pics. I also did not top or lst which I will be doing in my next grow right from the start. When the untopped tops came through the screen, it was just too thick to begin getting back under. So LBH's 4 way top/lst is going to be in my next grow along with the scrog.

    The LF and not flushing. For the most part it has been successful. The WW is much more resilent then the Northern Lights. The WW has not has any difficulties through the entire grow. The NL has, and you will see a bit of nute burned tips in the pics. The last 2 weeks it has been difficult to remain steady on my ppm numbers. They are drinking more than a gallon a day, so I tend to the res every other day. My PH is great, spot on at around 5.8. My ppm numbers also stayed spot on thru the grow until just recently. They are going up now everytime I take a reading. But I am going to withhold on the flush. I wanted to do this whole grow without one and see where I got, so I am going to hold true. I may actually stop adding nutes to the addback in about 2 weeks or so, and finish up with just adding water, we will see. So it isn't a piece of cake even using the LF, although with regular flushes it is much easier.

    But other than the NL plant having a few bumps, and now just recently a few ppm issues, the grow has been excellent and mostly healthy. And the buds are oh so lovely. LOL. Anyway, hoping this journal gets a little love.

    So tell me what you think.

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  16. bumpity bump. No one likes my buds?
  17. i like your buds
  18. Ok, Update time. And I must admit. This is the sexiest update yet. Finally some nice buds to look at. We are at 5 1/2 weeks since the light change, about 4 weeks into flowering.

    Yes, it is a scrog gone wrong, lol. Lessons learned for next grow though. And although the scrog went wrong, the grow did not. Still have some burnt tips, and a few upturned leaves, but generally they are really healthy. In the home stretch now. Wish me luck.

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  19. new updates? bud porn plz!
  20. wow those are nice ! i'm trying to decide which to do . NFT, DWC,aeroponics or ebb and flow. what is your opinion on the most productive? also , i live in the desert and cann't seem to be able to keep my temps below 85 . do you think i will still be able to get a crop ? your harvest should be curing now , right ? hope it looks good !

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