new grow flushing problem!

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  1. So I just flushed my plants a couple days ago. There aprox 2 1/2 weeks into flower. And the problem is now my plants and grow room smells funky as hell. Kinda of like a rotten egg smell coming off the plants. Theres no sitting water in the room. Its very well ventilated. The temps stay in between 70-75. If anyone can give me any in sight on wats causing this I would really appreacte it. Don't want my crop to taste like ass. Just put all this time and work into it don't want it to turn out shitty.

    chill & smoke some bud!
  2. Is this a soil or hydroponic system? Im guessing soil because you said you flushed. What soil and nutes do you use. If your using soil it could just be the extreme dampness in the soil, to which you could add h2o2 to dry done of it up.
  3. could just be the soil. how do the plants look? do they still look healthy?

    and why would you flush 2 1/2 weeks into flowering? did you overfert and have to try and save them?
  4. The top of the plants the new growth the leaves were really nutrient burnt so I decide that be best flush the soil out. I didn't change any of nutrients dosage and this happen so I stop wit the nuts and flushed them hopefully they'll come out it. But the issue now is that the plants have a really raunch smell to them. Almost like a propane egg smell. Or how sulfate smells. The nuts I've been using is the canna line up. Terra flore and pk 13/14. And Floralicious® Plus from general hydro
  5. i've used the general hydroponics line but i've never used canna. the smell could just be from the over-ferting issue. in any case, it's only been a couple days and plants take time to adjust in soil. keep an eye on them. i'd suggest holding off on the nutrients for a bit and just use plain water when needed.

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