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  1. i started to ask questions in another persons thread and didnt want to "steal" it lol so heres some pics and some questions first PICS

    Hard Beginings (started it outside for no real reason haha)

    after being inside for a few hours (2.5Hrs)

    After one day under the light

    i moved it from its cramped cardboard beginings to a nice stalthy homemade PC grow box

    With lights off to see a bit easier

    the distance between the plant and bulb

    SOME QUESTIONS (keep in mind that im a first time grower)
    1. Is my plant looking normal/alright?
    2. with the pot i have now can i do LST?
    3. If possible can i do ScroG? and how do i do that exactly im not completely surE

    (P.S i love to take pics lol to ill update alot
  2. your plants stretching too much, but judging by the pic your light is almost touching the seelding, so i would get atleast one more light and run the bulbs parallel, cut a soda can in half and use it as a mini reflector, thats how i grew for my 1st time. :) and yes u can lst with that pot, but eventually your going to have to transplant into a bigger pot. other then the stretching problem the plant looks healthy for going through that amount of stress
  3. lol yea its been stressed so is it streched too much? too late to save? what i was hopeing to do is to actually flower in the pc grow box is that going to be possible? also im still confused on ScroG method if some one could help with that i would be very thankfull.
    P.S what would happen if i stick with the one light?
  4. o0o no its still perfectly fine, do this when u repot the plant just bury more of the stem (burry it almost to the 1st set of branches. and ull be fine, u can even just add more soil to the top now. if u dont add soil or re pot it make sure u get something to support the plant as it will start to fall over cause the stems not strong enough to support the leaves weight. but yah keep on with her. ill find some info about the scrog
  5. thanks for your help toot... so im going to have to repot? this one is pretty big its like 5-6 inches across.... and about my grow setup size? beg enough to flower?
  6. if u can get a wider pot that will fit into your space then do it, when you repot take about an inch of soil off frm the bottom of the container (be carefill not to damage the plants root ball) then u can add soil ontop and the soil will hold the stem straight. i would go with the widest pot that will fit in the space, try to keep a container around that height, keep in mind they do have square and rectangular shapes growing containers. that might work better for u
  7. the stretch is stictly light caused, light had to be too high so the plant stretched to it. looks good distance now. if i were you i would try to get another cfl in there and put them down beside on either side of the plant. down there the top of the pot is. after a few days of that once your get it somewhat out of the seedling stage you can dump it out and replant it (deeper, so most of that "strechy" stem will be under dirt.
  8. ^^^ basicaly what i was saying just worded better lol
  9. HAHAHA thanks for the help so when is the "seedling" stage over?
    if i stick with the light im useing now and just keep it close to the plant and maybe transplant in to wider pot and bury the stem some that wouldnt be horrible would it?
  10. i want to keep it in the pc case yes
  11. Hey man. Nice little seedling you got there :) Is this just bag seed?

    1. Yes it looks good, as others mentioned it looks a little stretched, probably because you started it outside. But it looks great, I love little baby seedlings.
    2. I wouldn't do LST..
    3. I would do Scrog, I saw this sweet PC case grow where some guy used little 1.5cm squares.. put it like two inches above your screen and set the 12/12. Read this thread

    happy growing :)
  12. This is the PC case I was talking about. Now that I look the squares are closer to 2 or 2.5cm..
  13. this is why i love the GC... always willing to help out a new grower
    okay so scroging i take a panel of 2cm squares and place that 2 in above the plant?
    in that thread you linked shadow (thanks so much btw) the plant goes right b4 going up do i need to tie the plant down a little to make it do that?
    and also when scroging do i put the light at the top of the grow box or keep it close to the plant?
    remember id like to flower in this too
  14. hey man, are you planning on documenting your grow in here? If so i'd like to move it to the journals section.

  15. hmmmm... yea i am going to document it in this thread but i will be asking questions so if you think that i would get the same quick effective response's ive gotten so far in the grow journal section then yea move it
  16. oh and one more thing good or bad idea to put another plant in there? i have another sprouted and was thinking about either throwing it away or putting it in there with it both were germed at same time and planted at the same time this one just took awhile
  17. I'm glad to share my knowledge and that it helped you.

    So for the scrog, get some screen and mount it about two inches above the plants.. let the plant grow straight through the screen a couple inches, and then reach under the screen and pull the branch down and move it so that all of it is under the screen and the branch is horizontal.. exposing the lower branch sites to light and lowering the main cola, causing the secondary growth to compete for dominance.. When it grows back and you get another two inches above the screen, pull those branches down and move them to further holes.. the idea is to have a branch in every hole of the screen, but it will probably get out of control and you will have more bud sites than holes :)

    You should definitely gut your case to allow maximum vertical space (remove the drive bay assembly) and probably get another CFL because there will be room and you want the buds to get even light. The great thing about scrog is that you will have an almost even canopy which will squeeze every last .1g out of your space if you provide adequate lighting across it.

    If the other plant is at the same stage and you can get a screen in there and get them both under it, I say go for it. But induce flowering immediately or two plants are going to get too large for your space..

    Happy travels! :smoke:
  18. omg thank you so much shadow this is helping so much put the cd drive is kind of tricky i gutted the rest of it hough the floppy and the hdd and actually tin snipped the metal out but i guess ill try to take out the cd drive and another thing how would i hang the 2 cfls? and sense this is my first try with just some seeds from some very nice kb i was going to just use the same light for the entire grow im not even sure what the wattage is really
  19. it's really my pleasure, I was just starting out not too long ago.

    To be honest I've never gutted a computer fully.. I build my own rigs but I buy assembled cases and have no reason to gut them as of yet.. Usually a bunch of rivets and other bullshit mechanisms hold everything together. I'm sure you'll get it.

    Not really sure about hanging the cfls but.. You could do something like this:

    and just mount it from hooks

    The wattage of the cfl should be listed on the base. Cheers!
  20. hey man if u can get a computer fan blowing on that seedling that would be great it will help strengthen the stem and keep it from falling over. it will also strengthen the steams to support all of the leaf now tie it up and get a light breeze on the plant

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