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  1. Well after countless hours of research, about 10 trips to home depot and the hydro store, some more research, hours of building, and more research, I finished building my grow cabinet. I WILL POST PICTURES IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS. I have a Maui Wowi mother plant in a separate room, and intend to flower clones in the cab. I am looking for any kind of feedback, criticism, or suggestions. I am specifically looking for feedback on my ventilation (will it be adequate for my light). Here is the design of each of the two rooms...

    Mother Room:
    2x2x6 closet. The mother plant is growing in a 5 gallon pot of soil. I hung an LED glowpanel above the plant, with 4 cfl's around the sides for supplemental lighting, all running on 18/6. There is a can fan (duct fan, inline fan) for the air intake, and a hole with a light trap for the exhaust. I put a carbon scrubber on the INTAKE, because we smoke so much in the room around the closet, that it seemed more important to prevent massive amounts of smoke from getting into the closet than it did to prevent smell from escaping it. The mother has grown very healthy in this environment for the last few weeks and is ready for cloning.

    Flower Cabinet:
    Here is where I am looking for the feedback because, while the cabinet is built, it remains untested until my clones are ready in 2 weeks. The cabinet is 20"x36"x67". From the top I hung a 250watt HPS (sun system 2) on adjustable height chains. The light has no independent ventilation aside from the ventilation for cabinet, but more on that in a bit. The clones are to grow in a 6 pot hydroponic setup modeled after the bubbleponics system manufactured by stealth hydro. The room is ventilated by 4 PC fans that each run on 12v current. 2 are used as intake fans and attached to the top of the back wall at about the same level that the light hangs. The other 2 are used as exhaust fans and are located on the back wall towards the bottom. I have yet to attach a carbon scrubber to the exhaust, but that wont be an issue until later.

    I think those are all of the details, pictures will be up soon. This will likely become a grow journal as well as just a design explanation.
    So here are the questions I am trying to have answered, but please feel free to comment on any aspect of my setup.

    Will my 4 PC fans generate enough air circulation to dissipate the heat generated by my 250w HPS?

    The PC fans each have a surprisingly bright, green LED light. Will these disrupt my dark period even though they are green?

    Thanks to everyone here at the city for all of the help. Many of those countless hours of research were done on these forums, and the things I learned here made this grow possible, I couldn't have done it without you.


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