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  1. Hey guys,

    So for my current grow, I have a ghetto closet setup and the grow will be completed in about a week. About a month ago I decided I wanted a more permanent home for my next one, and to step things up a bit. This is the end result, after a bit of work from me and my buddy.

    Please let me know what you think, and if you see any areas that could use some improvement. Thanks!

    Parts list:
    Black and decker wardrobe cabinet
    4" vortex fan
    250 W HPS ballast + light (remote ballast)
    DIY homemade carbon filter
    DIY homemade scrog screen
    inside of cabinet lined with mylar
    DIY homemade bubble buckets
    air pump with 2 outlets
    heavy duty power bar with built in 15 amp circuit
    dual outlet light timer
    remote thermometer
    bunch of other small things needed to assemble everything (loop bolts, screws, aluminum tape, duct tape, etc....)

    Description of the setup:
    The inside of the cabinet is lined with mylar, and we are using metal chain/hooks to hang the lamp + scrog screen. A 4" hole has been drilled through the top shelf where the vortex sits, and through the top of the cab. 4" duct runs from the output of the vortex to the top of the cab, where a carbon filter is attached (inside of a mini keg, for show and to direct air flow straight up in the air).

    2 homemade bubblers sit at the bottom underneath the scrog screen. Hoses for the air pump run through the intake hole cut at the bottom right.

    Remote ballast sits on top of the cab along with the power bar.

    Couple things left to do:
    -Line top shelf around the vortex with heat proof/sound proof insulation
    -install a remote thermometer so we can check temps without opening cab
    -just got a new digi timer with dual outlets to connect the vortex/light to

    Other then that not much. I have a separate veg room setup using an aerogarden + a 90w ufo for vegging. After 20 days they will move to this cab for flowering.
  2. And here are the pics:

    Inside of cabinet, light on.

    Uploaded with

    Inside of cabinet, light off.

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    Top of cabinet, mini keg on carbon filter.

    Uploaded with

    Top shelf of cab, where the vortex sits and where insulation will go.

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    Top of cabinet, mini keg off.

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  3. forgot to mention, since the lights/scrog screen are held in place by chains they can be raised/lowered as needed with very little effort on my part. so their current heights are not permanent, just how we have them hanging now and will need to be adjusted when the plants get moved in
  4. Well I like it ;)

    After pulling my hair out looking at several fire hazzards in other "stealth grows" you seem to know what you're doing ;)
  5. very nice cab indeed, people can use this homie...hell save me some work! lol
    i love it man..
    easy, simple, efficient, stealth, and very effective start to finish grow cab...
    now you need a set of big speaker's on either sise for veg/cloning room'
    how stealth would that be?
    i dig the creative aspect of this cab...very cool mini keg idea...nice decoy..(i love to create decoy's for vent's, such as smoke alarm's , a/c vent's etc...but the mini keg takes the cup! lol
    i gotta put this up on my thread board for folk's to see...

    cheer's thanx for sharing bro..
  6. Can I ask where you got the cabinet from and how much you paid for it? Setup looks awesome, nicely done!
  7. i got one very similar to this one for 60$ at walmart, all white to , inside out...
  8. thanks for the input! heh, i never even thought of using speakers. I guess with a couple of CFLs that would work just. currently using a different closet for that, with cfls/leds.

    12bottles: I got the cabinet from canadian tire on sale for $80 bucks + taxes. if you are in the states, it's just a standard black and decker wardrobe cabinet made of particle board with holes pre drilled
  9. OK my buddy came over last night and we finished this thing up. As you can see, not much has changed from the last update. The top shelf around the vortex has been stuffed with sound proof/heat resistant insulation.

    A 1.5" hole has been drilled through the back of the shelf has been drilled to run the power cable for the lamp through.

    A remote thermometer has been stuck to the back just under where the scrog screen currently sits which allows us to check temps without opening the cab. There is also a themometer mounted to the inside of one of the doors. And a light timer with dual 3 pronged outlets has been connected for the light + vortex fan.

    Once my current grow is finished i'll get some new girls vegging and move them in after ~15 - 20 days. Contemplating a cool tube for the bulb, will see how temps are when i stress test the new cab (4 days 12 on 12 off to see if any probs come up, before moving anything in).

    On to the pics!
  10. how quiet is your system? and ventilation on that? looks real good, i'm thinking about making one similar to that.. do you have an intake?

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