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  1. Hey guys! Totally new to this! So I started from a Dutch berry (H) seed just one, and did my germination(water cup) method for 24hrs-ish, then put in a soaking wet paper towel to help with the oxygen, seed cracked 12 hrs later. Planted it with a 1/4 inch taproot. Now last time I noticed it had a 1 inch taproot. Must of been hurried to deep cause it was still about 1/2 inch under the medium. Kinda left the seed head in covered and put under a 300w full spectrum led light now for 3 hrs. About 3 feet under the light. The seed has fully popped off. And so my question is at the base of where the seed was the root makes a hard bend like it was having trouble growing through the medium, so it started growing back down? Will it eventually straighten itself out? Thanks guys any advice or tips help.
  2. Welcome To GC! Sounds like your doing good :thumbsup:

    Its natural for seedlings to have a large bend(180*) and come back up like this -
    Add Some pictures :) Goodluck!

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