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  1. Hey GC just scooped this thing off Amazon for like 25 buck with shipping catches Kief real quick and grinds the tree to the perfect consistency Im definitely glad i picked it up and it got to my house 2 day's early too.


    It also came with a free pollen press


    tell me what ya think
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    Hows the magnet on that sucker? I saw those sharp crushers online looking for a chromium chrusher for my bro... he wanted something different than the norm.. one of the screens on the 5 piece grinder was pure poopie... idk why youd need 2 screens anyway haha

    lol got the same one in black.
  4. the magnet's strong enough were i can pick it up from the top without the rest falling off yeah i bought the 4pc because i was think WTF am i gonna do with 2 screens but this thing really builds up kief quick
  5. nice price, Amazon is straight isn't it?


  6. real straight bruh!

    ____________________________ << thats pretty straight.

    i buy pretty much everything off amazon.
  7. Amazon's more than straight i ordered this grinder as well as a scale and both got to my house 2 day's earlier then they should have and i saw these grinder's at my LHS for 60 buck's and went online and found it for 20 along with a free pollen press so I can't complain and Amazon threw in free 2 day shipping so i saved like 50 bucks. One more thing to note is that if you got good bud this thing catches Kief like no other grinder i've ever used the Kief in the oringinal picture from 20 minutes after i got was from about a .4 of chronic, i was so surprized but i deff reccomend this this but make sure you sont et the Aluminuim one because the review's weren't as good as the steel and zinc one,

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