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    Hey guys, just grabbed my first grinder and a newslide for my bong, the old one broke :O

    But yeah, check it out:

    The grinder is a Sharpstone, with a keif catcher obviously...Payed 40 bucks for it. The slide was like 19.95 with tax, it's a cheap one but god damn it holds so much. No shit I grinded up about a gram and that's what's in the bowl in the pic. It hold so much haha. The bud in the bag was a half O before I started smoking, I'd say that was about a quarter left in the pic. The grinder gets sooo much keif it's rediculous. I'd say after that half was gone I had 3 bowl toppings worth of the keif :D
  2. 4 chambers are the shit man, looks fresh. Along with the slide :smoke:
  3. my sharpstoen is all one color, check it out dude that may be a fake.
  4. looks great man, big ass bowl.

    show us your bong.
  5. Its not a fake he just has different color ones mixed together
  6. Thanks guys. And nope it ain't a fake, just different peices mixed together. Even if it is fake, it serves it's purpose, and like I said the keif catcher is amazing :D

    And here's the bong with the slider, I've smoked about 3/4 an ounce out of that little guy already, it's pretty much black now haha:
    Despite how small the bong is, the little guy rips. :smoke:
  7. looks sweet man, I love GonG but little colored bongs are dank for the money; I dont know why everyone hates on them. :smoke:
  8. Thanks man. And yeah, I mean I'm all for quality glass if I have the money to blow on it, but that bong and slider together costed me about 55 bucks and it serves it's purpose just as good as any other bong I've ever smoked out of. Plus I love how it was made, the glass turns a blueish color in the light, but it's red if no light shines on it. :hello:

  9. :smoke: sounds like a great piece man, enjoy

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