New Glycerin Tube Attachment I picked up today.

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  1. So yea I posted a topic before and I don't think many people know about these things. It works so damn nice! The only place I can find these is my LHS here it is enjoy :) The brand is MN Legit. It added zero drag I was surprised.


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  2. pretty legit man.
    is that a universal glycerin tube?
    how much?
  3. Very cool
  4. No there is a small which I have and a large. My bong is pretty decent sized so a size large attachment would be pretty big. The small is 70.00 and large 100. It stays cold for roughly an hour.
    awesome man, thats pretty dope.
    seems a lot more convenient than continually having to replace ice.
    let me rephrase my universal question though, is it made specifically for that brand of glass?
    or does it just come in different sizes?
  6. Oh it works for any brand. It is just made my Mn legit. There are two sizes which fit most bongs. Small and large.

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