New Glass: Slide, Oil Dome Set and Dish

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by Cannibearus, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Broke my slide cleaning it, and stopped by Blown Glass on Colfax and picked this little guy up.


    More recently I made a trek up to Boulder and stopped by High on the Hill and picked up this Oil Dome set and dish.

    Very happy with these pickups, excited to finally have a good way to smoke concentrates.:D

    Hope the pics aren't too big, I tried to re-size them a few times :confused:
  2. nice! i'm all out of rep for 24 hours, but i owe ya one.

    i'm in the market for a bell for concentrates myself.
  3. Nice pick up!:smoke: I haven't heard of either of those shops.... Do they carry a lot of sick shit?

    im lookin for new shops to scope out and but i already know quite a few in CO
  4. Lookin good, how much did that set run
  5. Thanks HighChick, if you are in Denver check out Heady Glass, I'm pretty sure they carry bells. High on the Hill also has bells, saw both Ti and Quartz when I stopped by. Oh, also The Fitter, in Boulder carries them.
    Thanks man! Blown is a very small shop and doesn't have that much selection, but they do have low prices and a good assortment of local blown glass. It's a good place for a spoon or a slide.
    High on the Hill is a cool place, they carry a few ZONG and SYN, most stuff is blown in house and looks pretty good. They have a glass wall up so you can watch them on the torch, they also do customs and repairs, which is unique I think.
    Thanks DR. The set ran me $65.
  6. Good deal man, it's a small set but it should fulfill its purpose :smoke:
  7. did you pick up a torch by any chance? I'm in the same area (boulder) and was thinking about picking up that exact same oil dome, I need to find somewhere to buy a torch for it though...
  8. Thanks! It should fulfill it's purpose once I get used to using it, learning curve, ya know.

    I got my torch from a Home Depot.
  9. what is the cross street for blown glass on colfax?

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