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New Glass Pickup + Free gift

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Radio_Breathe, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Went into a local headshop today and saw the inline and new i had to get it. There was no bowl with it so the sales lady told me she would give me 50% any bowl. So i grabbed this Daddy O bowl. Originally $79.99, got it for $40. The bong was on sale for $150. She ran the credit card and accidently charged me $360. She voided the transaction and when she tried to charge the card again it was DECLINED!!! :confused: so i had to call the credit card company and get it resolved. Because it was such a hassle she threw in a free bat. :D and a bottle of F420!!! So for around $200 i picked up everyting shown.

    Edit: i will add better pictures of the bat later, didnt realize it was such poor quality.

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  2. Sick slide.
  3. Are there decent shops around orlando? you ever go to the tampa/st. pete area? Will be there soon and want to know if I should wait to buy a new piece there or bring one from here...

    good pick up, indiana is a little slow with gettin inlines and such
  4. Well there arent alot of headshops in orlando that i know of, and this one is fairly small. I have never looked for headshops in Tampa but now that u mention it... maybe i will :)

    but yeah the place i went to is called Mystic (possibly wrong spelling) but they have alot of bongs and are a certified Roor dealer.
  5. Aight, well if you do end up goin and lookin, let me know!

    And if your still around GC in a couple months, maybe we can match ;)
  6. that inline looks sweet, congrats

    nice bowl too
  7. sweet inline, i like it. bowl is sweet for %50 off
  8. haha thats a bomb deal for 200
  9. Hell yeah me and my friend and his dad smoked out of it last night. After packing just one bowl we were all lit. (i had been detoxing for the last week so tripped extra hard) Packed a second bowl... dont remember much but we i woke up for work and everyone was passed out on the floor. It did its job :smoke:

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