New glass...*Also pics of home-made bubbler in action*

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    Nothing too special, just a spoon I got for $10 in colorado springs. I flew out there for a long weekend to see my GF for my 21st birthday. Needless to say, I had to sample the local goods and needed something to do it with. I didnt want to drop alot of cash, because I figured I would be leaving it there...but I ended up getting kinda attached so I smuggled it (along with what was left of my 8th) back home.

    Anyway, here she is:


    I didn't notice it when I bought it, but it kind of has a cool plaid stripe going on :cool:
  2. Oh btw the chick in the record store/head shop who sold it to my was awesome and very helpful/chill. Would definitely recommend stopping in if anyone happens to be in the town. I can remember the name, but it was on the edge of Acacia Park. They dont advertise being a head shop on the outside though, just a record store. ;)
  3. that looks pretty tight,
    looks thick.
  4. looks nice man!
  5. Very thick. I definatly dont need another pipe, but I couldnt make myself leave it there.... :rolleyes:
  6. :smoking:Smuggling pieces now? How did you get that back from cali on a plane with weed? Please enlighten me.

  7. Colorado, not California. Guess that detail doesnt matter too much though ;)

    What I did was wear two pairs of boxer briefs- the inside pair I rolled downa couple of times over the bowl (in front) and the weed ( in back, as thing and flat as I could make it)I rolled it down enough so that if anyone were to pat there, it would be very awkward....

    I just wore a hoodie to cover it up a bit, and no one gave me any trouble. On the body is def the way to go, since they xray all bags and can search all bags. They need an actual reason to strip search you, so its a little safer.

    If I had duct tape, I could have just taped it to my balls.:)
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    As an addition to the thread, I just perc'd the downstem on my homemade bubbler because I was reading about it in other threads, and its hitting GOOD :p

    Pics coming...
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    The Home-made bubbler:

    In Pieces:

    Newly Diffused (thanks tsarone) downstem:


    And as to not piss off the roommate, an active carbon spoof:

  10. Hmmm so would you recommend on using your way of smuggling? Atleast you are enjoying your piece instead of court time. ;)

  11. I would recommend it if you're a good actor and a confident liar. I think as far as smuggling on planes, its the only option left. They x-ray everything else. Just make sure you dont have anythign on you that will make the metal detector beep.
  12. well only having 5/8ths gauges isnt suspicious enough. But can you whip up a quick tut on how to smuggle correctly? Since you have expierenced it first hand. Also at PVD (TF Green Airport) they make you remove your sweatshirts/outerjacket wear before getting scanned. Are you back in the arm pit of America?
  13. that bubbler looks grade a bro

  14. do you mean diffused downstem or am i not seeing something?
  15. I'm loving that bubbler. What did you use to make it?

    Nice pipe too.

  16. Haha yea sorry, Im an idiot :smoking:

  17. I made it out of a soap dispenser I got from walmart. I like using them because they already have a downstem inside. I just pulled off the pump, cleared out the guts, and then drilled a hole for the carb and the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is from a gooseneck lighter my mom had (to light candles and grills and shit). The bowl is just a 1/4 inch male airhose fitting.

    I almost made one that looked like an octopus (the other cool soap dispenser that caught my eye) but I decided to go classier instead.... :D

  18. I'll get on it later today, after class. And yea, I'm back in Jerz :cool:
  19. that bubbler is nice and nice pipe i like the colors
  20. Good spoon for 10 bucks I'd say, and that homemade looks legit man nice job.

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