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    Hey guys, just thought i would introduce myself. I am completely new to this whole scene and i am looking to learn alot. My brother and i decided to grow a plant at the beginning of the summer. We know nothing about growing and figured we would just learn along the way. We got lucky and the plant is indeed a female (yayyy lol) but im trying to learn whats next in the growing process. Hopefully you guys can help me and i can get a good harvest from this plant. I'm gunna be spending alot of time on here readin and whatnot so feel free to say hello! :)
  2. Welcome to the city dude!.. ette

    Thats awesome, you got a female your well on your way, the knowledge never ends here at the city, best of luck!
  3. Welcome my fellow east coasta!

    Good luck on your grow!
  4. welcome to the city, and im on my 2nd grow and i have 3 females out of the 5 plants that i started. good luck on ur grow
  5. Welcome to G.C.
  6. check the grow guides very informative. but welcome to the city.
  7. Welcome to the city!

    You're gonna love this place :D

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