new GC bong came with crack in downstem!

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by surfandbake, May 14, 2011.

  1. hey gc, i just got my new bong today.
    this one: Percolator Bong Blue - Black Leaf - English -
    its sick but there is a tiny crack in the stem on the downstem that came with it :(
    will gc replace the downstem for free since i received it with the crack, and if so how i would i go about starting that process?
    thanks in advance guys :smoke:
  2. Awww sh*t,Here we go!:yummy:
  3. that crack wasnt there when they sent it....end of story


    I only came to this thread in the hopes of an accidental crack smoking experience
  4. haha if its guna be a huge deal ill just buy a new one
  5. i wanna see pics of the crack
  6. ill post some in a bit, its in my room and im too lazy to get up right now[​IMG]
  7. thanks for the tip :) i just sent her a message
  8. that sucks, I have heard that black leaf was cheap glass too

  9. It, along with most everything else in the GC shop, is. Don't let the mods hear you say that though :rolleyes:
  10. Damn that sucks that you get a new piece and it comes cracked :S
  11. Yeah i was gonna jump on the bandwagon and say i thought this was about a bowl that accidentally came packed with crack :smoke:
  12. DONT SMOKE FROM IT! they might not accept it back if you have to send it to recieve a replacement
  13. I thought you meant crack as in crack cocaine, i was shocked :) :)
  14. My butt has a crack in it
  15. Damn, I was gonna buy every bong in the store hoping I'd get some free crack too :smoke:

  16. I ordered the exact some piece and had a crack in my downstem also. but it worked fine, so I never did anything about it.

  17. Actually, you'll want to contact Support first if you haven't already.

    (Via the sticky at the top of the page):

    Here is GC's return policy;

    So contact Support, explain the situation to them and attach a picture of your broken product. Sounds like they'll be able to handle it for you. :wave:

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