New gas tax proposal

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  1. question, whats everyones gas prices where they live?

    i think its more expensive anywhere else, cause we dont have state tax in DE
  2. that is some bullshit, but it wont work. if they say you pay based on how long its been since someomes been at the pump, just fill up every time you get down like a quarter tank
  3. More examples of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

    The more the government interferes, the worse things get, so the more the government interferes.
  4. dude this is so fucking stupid..

    i hate our country. more and more each day.. i think im going to just move to the middle of no where in canada and hunt for food. fuck the government
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    "It's (the state tax) not bringing in the revenues that it has in the past because you have more fuel-efficient vehicles. That's a good thing to have more fuel-efficient vehicles, but when people are driving more and yet the funds going into the trust fund are less, you've got a fundamental problem," Callaway said.

    this is why they need to just rethink their allocation and distribution of funds throughout state budgets. then they wouldnt need to find new ways to scam money from people.

    i was watching the colbert report the other night and they had some guy who has been designing some network to recharge these new cars his company has been making. he said something about how these new cars inspiration has come from cell phones and that basically you buy a phone and pay for minutes,

    just like a car you buy one and you pre pay for how many miles you will drive. say 20 miles per gallon and you get 20 gallons. so you can drive about 400 miles befor you have to reup your miles.

    but with the new cars you will be able to paty a flat rate and be able to drive as much as you want and you wont be charged for recharge fees, simply go in and get a new battery for the car.

    he didnt elaborate too much on it but they did give a website about it at the end of the interview.


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