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  1. . So what I'm thinking is the game starts like this
    You either choose a pre made gang, or you create a gang

    Create a gang-
    Gang name:
    Type of gang for example: drug lord, prostitution, straight up fucking killing people, money makers
    Drug lord: pro:great at selling drugs(which leads to more money/guns and popularity) con: lots of junkies in the gang, which leads to stupidity.
    Prostitution: pro: sexy bitches con: cocky guys
    Fucking killing people: pro: great at killing people (duh) con: lots of gang members in jail
    Money makers: balanced in everything, no pros or cons

    Pick Gang colours
    Choose a gang logo (will appear on tags, clothing brands, posters etc.)
    Gang style-kinda

    Now you start the game and bassicly you are the new leader of a new gang of 50 people and 5 gang leaders (gang leaders are gained when you recruit new gang members, you recruit new gang members on missions, one new gang leader for every 10 new gang members)
    -Fight for territory
    -gain publicity ex: clothing brands, movies, tv shows, music, video games etc.
    -gain enemy's through out the game, once your spotted by one of your enemys you will be shot at ex: let's say your a blood and you complete the mission about cripps you will be known by the cripps, and will be shot at
    -Sell drugs: you start out selling weed, then when you gain enough publicity you can start selling hallucinogens, then when you gain more publicity u can sell stuf like pain killers, then the really hard shit like coke meth etc.
    -use the drugs that you sell ex weed makes you slower, the screen blurs, then like hallucinogens you see crazy shit and the character starts to giggle alot, then shit like coke and speed make u faster, and really hyped up, but you go through withdrawals then there's of course tolerance levels.

    -Obviously you will be arrested
    -there will be a create-a-character
    -gain girl freinds/boy freinds, get married
    -each time you die you loose 10%/1000% of total health, but can gain more health by eating healthy, taking stuff like fish oil u know shit like that

    -Each joint/bowl you smoke gives you +1% total health
    -each time you do any drug besides MJ you loose a certain amount of total health

    I'll post more features when I think about them
  2. well, what would be the plus side to doing the other drugs?
    some sort of buff/bonus thing?
    and 1% health? shit, it's gonna take a lot of bud to get healthy
  3. Well the point of the health thing is it starts at 1000% and once u reach 0% it's game over and u have to start over. The reason it's so high is so that u have to loose alot of health. So like let's say u jump off ur one story health and u loose 1% u can smoke a joint and totally fine haha. Same with arrests, if u get arrested enough amount of times, u just get the chair
  4. And the plus side to the other drugs is like the screen eta blurry for smack, and things actually appear funnier
  5. Grand theft auto San andreas

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