New Fuse Box W/ Plug-Ins for My Basement

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by jguy44, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Ok I have a full basement, just concrete floors and open space...normal basement (Awesome for a great garden!). It's a great place to grow, but there's only one outlet down there and it's right in front of the bottom of the steps. So for now I'm growing there. I would like to move across the basement (ab 30-40 ft distance) and eventually build a room or large box to house my garden, so I'm going to need power on that side of the room.

    I can run an extention cord over there, but would rather just put in another fuse box over there and some outlets. I'm not finding much about people doing this through the search function, so I'm hoping someone has had a similar experience and can give me some advice. Should I just have an electrician come in and wire it up, or is this something I can do myself? I have no experience with electrical work, but am fairly good at teaching myself new things.
  2. That is best left to an electrician. Without knowledge of how to size electrical circuits, you could start an electrical fire.

    If you keep the total under 1600 watts (fans lights and all) you could use an extension cord and a surge protector. Any other outlets in use on the same circuit breaker will decrease the max amount of power available.
  3. It depends if your plug is the only receptacle on that circuit breaker.. If you go to your panel and have someone stand at the plug with for example a radio plugged in , as you toggle with breakers if they aren't labelled find which one turns off the radio ( plug in basement ) and see if any other plugs are not on.. Once you determine how many outlets you have on that breaker you may or not be able to add your new receptacle ( overload ) ... It's simple electrical very basic .. Do that and I'll get back to you brother!

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