New from Ontario, Canada.

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  1. Hey everybody. My name is Réjean Laprise and I am from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. I have been smoking marijuana for about a year and eight months now. I do not grow my own cannabis so I just buy off of my dealer. I do smoke marijuana here and there because I do not want to turn into a habit but more as recreational. I do hit the bong but I am having some small issues listed in one of the forums (recreational marijuana use) All welcomes are appreciated but Canadians are who I'm willing to meet.

    Réjean, a French-Canadian toker.
  2. Welcome to the site and I'm Canadian (Ontario as well)
  3. im Canadian too!
    From Toronto, Ont.
  4. canadian here too (montreal)

    welcome aboard ! :smoking:
  5. Welcome to the city fellow Canadian! :)
  6. wow. lol. I'm surprised I got so much positive feedback on this thread. Over XBOX live I sometimes get told to leave the room since my gamercard shows that I am from Canada.
  7. Kill all those people in game and they will, maybe, stop whining. :p
  8. Welcome to the city budd!
    I'm from Sudbury myself looking for some people to chill with or anything really hah

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