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  1. I've been smoking for roughly a year now and I'm new to Grass City. I got this nice 18" perculated bong that I'll post a pic later. Nice to meet all ya on GC! :wave:
  2. More people in the Midwest need to speak out about our oppressive marijuana laws. The coastal states are light years ahead of the heartland. This is the information age, and the ball has already started rolling in favor of drug policy reform. These past 6 months we have all witnessed an explosion of interest on this issue.

    We need this snowball effect to continue. I started documenting stories / reasons why I think marijuana will soon be decriminalized in our country.

    A Signal of Misunderstanding
  3. cool, another one from the midwest :) welcome to G.c man
  4. Another midwesterner! Welcome, nice to have you.

    And I agree about the Midwest being ages behind other states in terms of legality and changes with controlled substances. My states NORML website hasn't been updated in over a year. I contacted the webmaster and never received a response. Too bad for us :|
  5. the coastal states are lightyears ahead of the heartland. it's true. in the midwest, you'll see the nastiest, dirtiest, ugliest, about-to-keel-over-est motherfuckers staring you down, judging you!

    also there's commercials about how you should eat corn syrup

    in conclusion, fuck the midwest. if you're from there, im sorry.
  6. MMJ look to pass in IL hopefully. Its past in house now on to the senate!!!!!!

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