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  1. Two's company with this second bubbler from the GlassCity brand, featuring two chambers and two powerful percolators! A handheld scientific glass bubbler that's perfect for making rounds at a party or a lazy night on the couch, this piece features a 29.2mm > 18.8mm shower-perc diffuser downstem/adapter with a big slide bowl included. The 18.8mm bowl has a small 3mm opening and holds quite a lot of bud! The second chamber features a second built-in perc, a comfortable curved mouthpiece and a decorative color glass bead.

    On the main chamber, the iridescent green GlassCity logo is engraved 2mm deep into the 5mm glass for a luxurious look and feel. The downstem also features the GlassCity logo, and can be interchanged with any 29.2mm downstem as long as it's 19.5cm or shorter.

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  2. YESSS!!

    well done GC

  3. Looks great Ill definitely be picking this up during the 4/20 sale

    too bad there's not a showerhead or even slits in the second perc
    just my 2 cents
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  4. Yeah if your going to use the W* design at least do the 2nd circ perc. I was thinking about getting this but Im gonna wait on the W*. This cost more and is the OLD design:rolleyes: no thanks.
  5. How much is it? looks sexy as fuck tho
  6. Looks fucking nice, is it in the store?

  7. this is probably whats keeping me away from that piece.
  8. 420 sale...I'll be getting this for sure.
    99$ only!
  9. more need to be made of these asap! and stocked

    forget the weedstar wobbly version

    what say you grasscity
  10. looks ok for 99 bucks, but i wouldn't call a single stem a powerful perc by any means...
  11. Man, do weed star and Glass city get the same Chinese blanks and just slap their own logos on them?
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    Weedstar and Glasscity are made from different production companies in different countries, with different grades of glass.

    So thats a no.

    Feel free to enlighten us how you "slap on" a 2mm etched deep Logo?

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