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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by pooker, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. i dont know if you guys go to any other forums but i go to pbnation, a paintball website . it has a b/s/t forum (buy sell trade) where you can buy paintball gear or sell to others on that website. so i thought it would be cool if there was one created for grasscity. of course there wouldnt be any actual bud sales but maybe like people could sell their bongs ,pipes , bubblers or anything of that matter. who else think that would be cool:hello:
  2. it wouldn't work unless all of the pieces were new, because of resin etc. etc.
  3. He's trying to set us up! >_>
  4. Whats your username on PBN? I'm on there too.
  5. i doubt it will happen but good idea i guess, all pieces would have to be posted minus resin and shit
  6. my usernames pooker at pbnation too because everyone i know just calls me pooker
  7. Oh, hrmm haven't seen you around on there. I'll keep an eye out now.
  8. i used to be on PBN too good site. and that would be cool if it would work out some how.
  9. sounds like a chill idea.... jus depends on how well each person can pack it and ship it safe lol
  10. haha I browse pbnation all the time. I don't post hardly ever though, but Im always online reading threads. Same as my username here.

    But ya that would be cool to have a buy/sell/trade forum on here. Just would have to clean them completley before posting pics of them and then I would think it would be totally legit. I'm not a lawyer or notin though, so I could be wrong. But sounds like a good deal to me.
  11. would be very cool... but considering the process of getting ALL traceable resin off of pipes, bongs, and bubs is pretty difficult, I doubt that it could happen.
  12. its a good idea but i dont think it would work becuase unless you scraped the pieces before you shipped them even then i doubt it would work.
  13. damn, lots of pbners on here, one day we should all get together and play pb, than toke afterwards, sound good? haha, i love pb, its the only thing i spend money on over weed, and i spend alot more on pb surprisingly.
  14. I think you need a permit to deal paraphernalia. Not to mention, those that sell with permits have CLEAN peices. Don't think this one is going to fall-through.
  15. very good idea, would be the shit if it worked, i know id look for bobbert's peices, who i havent seen around, or debauch's ::drool:: im so jealous of people with money.
  16. It would be really hard to package it correctly so it doens't break, but I like the idea. You better be fucking sure that there's no resin on it though
  17. im on pbnation too, i never post anymore though. i only came there because wgppress stopped working:mad:
  18. Sounds cool but it isn't something that the City could or would get involved in.

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