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  1. Who ever is flying this plane or running the show, can we have a forum for kids over 18 where we can post some naughty cartoons, laughter is the best medcine.
    Call it Forum 69.
  2. The pilot and his henchmen(and women) have made the answer to this question rather clear.

    Get over it, please.
  3. If you feel that you need to posty that stuff, go to a childs site.. they would love it i\'m sure.

    Otherwise follow the rules of the site!!!
  4. velcro sneakers and a microwave burrito.
  5. will turn you into a plane dragging midget?
  6. Nice arse, no midget this one
  7. Ok..... if this has been covered by someone else here... my apologies. :D

    We have decided that it is SJ\'s intention to not have porn pictures on the site.

    So an occasional penis or vagina (without \"pornographic\" tones) picture is not going to mean the ax is falling on your membership.

    But we don\'t want members just spending all their time posting pictures of the such. Just because we\'re saying it\'s allowed doesn\'t mean we can\'t still ask you to even stop posting them. If we feel it\'s getting out of hand, then we\'ll step in.

    Not respecting the wishes of the moderators will probably get you banned no matter what. It\'s always better to discuss this kind of shit and see if you can bring us around to your way of thinking instead of continuing to post questionable pictures to see what you can get away with.... while trying to get us to come around to your way of thinking.

    Your voices are heard!
  8. thats what i tried to do BB..

    burn one fo out :(
  9. HAH!

    Perfect, Critter.

    Now not too many pussies posted or we\'ll have to delete them! lol
  10. HAHAHAHA i remember that one!

    have fun at your party reunion thing critter.
  11. The lady in red even gives a \"Thumbs Up\" for a new forum
  12. A new forum will not help.. SJ doesn\'t want pics of nudity on his site..
  13. heh now man, they\'re just havin\' a little fun. we all understand nudity isn\'t tolerated, but god man- live a little

  14. lol.... actually it is now.

    Just don\'t go overboard with it. SJ doesn\'t want a nudie site. ;)
  15. i think you guys made the right decision.. proving once again how much this place rules :smoking:
  16. Moving the goal posts all the time, only for junior members?
  17. I must go with the moderators on this one. one of the reasons i come back to the city again and again is the fact that juvenile shit like porn is absent. on my bands \"soon-to-go-live\" website i have already formulated these simple rules to the forum:

    guestbook and forum guidelines

    Basically anything goes. Swear if you want to. Criticize, praise or comment to your harts content. Be drunk, be sober, high or just in love, just spell it right dude / dudette. Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English and even German is allowed, tho\' Norwegian and English is probably most practical. Entries in all other languages will be removed ASAP since we can\'t read it. Also, all entries containing porn [we\'re not against it as such, we just don\'t want to be an exchange central for it], racism [every fucking little racist out there ought to be \"re-educated\" in a deep, dark dungeon] and warez-info [see: porn] will be removed on sight. Repeat offenders will be banned. Uhm, that\'s it. Happy typing :)

    nice, sweet and simple to understand
    Anything goes, you push the button, you are older than 18.
    how many members on right now?
    Blame it on the c.....
    Mj or Sj want to make money on his site, 900 members or 3, maybe 10,

    Wake up,

    Can you replace a moderator, or Am I really skating on thin Ice,

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