New Flawless 12in Bubbler and Blown inline AC.

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    So I have been looking for a nice piece for a couple weeks now. On Thursday I walked into a LHS and they had the piece that I saw which started me on my search. I ended up leaving with it.

    I bought a Flawless 12 in Bubbler that has a 8 slit shower head in it. I also bought a Blown inline AC to hang on the front and the Flawless Glycerin coil to hang on the back.

    The Coil was defective when I got it home but the shop exchanged it out with no argument at all even after I had used or tried to use it.

    I'll add some picture and a link to youtube for a video of it all working.

    Let me know what you guys think.

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  2. beautiful , be careful with the stem peices, mine always break :/
  3. When I went back to exchange the coil I bought a stand for the coil and mouth piece to sit on when not in use.
  4. Damn... That shit milks.
  5. Yes it does, and it is nice and cool from the coil.
  6. Very very very very nice.
  7. Yo fix the link in your op so I can watch it. I'm mobile. Just copy and paste the watch link.
  8. Tried that but all it did was drop a blue web link.
  9. So the only real problem with this thing is that it is a pain to keep clean. I am using the same product as always but now I am getting big clumps or resin sticking to the inline and some even coming through and sticking to the inner walls of the main tube. I have always gotten the build up but this stuck is the consistency of mud. If it wasn't soaking in Bong water for days it looks good enough to dab.

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