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  1. Planting this week, is it too late? Also, does planting in mid-march with 2 more frosts on the way make the bud danker or just kill the seed?
  2. no germinate and plant asap, and i planted St Patricks day and my shit sprouted a few weeks ago, ill probably have less final product, but i am okay with that.
  3. Alright, another NE grower. Thanks for the advice. Also are bugs and animals (besides deer, I know deer are assholes here) a big problem here or not? This is my first time growing.
  4. im from MI and we only have deer and rabbits, which i assume would be the same for you. bugs shouldn't be too big of a problem but if they become a problem take pics and somone will be able to tell you how to fix it.
  5. Honestly i dont know, this is my first year too, im preparing for deer with wire fence, and bugs with lady bugs.
  6. hello:wave: and Relax:smoke: Its only may 11th. I am a new england grower and its not too late. The key is to plant anytime after 4/20 (our expected last date of frost from the farmers almanac) With the rain and cooler than average temps i have NOT planted yet. I am getting my spots ready this week and as soon as the forcast says sunny for more than 1 day in a row then ill plant. Check out my previous jounals Last year my plants were started FROM SEED on 5/20 and they grew to 6-7 feet and harvested around a LB.

    -The key is to get a good game plan together, good soil, good ferts, and SUN! its way to wet and rainy and early. The earliest ill plant is this weekend. but my plan is next week sometime whenever the weather looks like its gonna be in the high 60's and sunny!

  7. Oh and planting on st pattys day is way too early!!!!!!! ur not doing self any favors by starting early. The key is the position of the sun and how many hours of day light. plus new england still gets a mean frost in march. Remember the April Fools blizzard?

    As for pests, most common is deer and bugs. Take bottles and pee into them and leave them around ur grow, they smell humans and get scared. As for bugs a simple organic pesticide does the trick

    My Recipe
    -1 wicked hot pepper (the hotter the better)
    -1 clove of garlic

    Cut into pieces and throw into boiling water. Let mixture boil for a solid 10 mins. Cool and put into a spray bottle. Spray the leaves of ur plants. Once they begin to bud in the middle of august try not to spray on buds.
  8. Nice ya im another NE grower and im too growing this year for the first time outdoors, ive been growing indoors for the last year or two but am going to try it outdoors this year i started to germinate my seeds yesterday and have wire fence for the deer but the pissbottles and spray sound like a good idea, not tryin to steal a thread but if anyone wants to follow the links below haha. Jiggernex and all the other NE growers hope you have a good season!:smoke:
  9. i know the frosts are over so its not too late... what part of new england again? im MA, going to be transplanting out door in a few days (too windy right now)
  10. Connecticut (which by the way, medical/decriminalization is now legal! yay!)
  11. NICE! what strains u got/how many... when do you PLAN to move em out?
  12. This thread is great news for me! I'm in vt and I thought I may have waited too long to plant. I'm gonna plant this weekend now. Goodluck everyone!
  13. Bagseed, came from some pretty dank half sativa half indica bag a friend of mine had. It was like, pure green, and a great smoke because I got the same stuff from the same dealer.
  14. Hey great to hear of so many NE growers. I am aswell a first time outdoor grower this year but have always kept an eye on these threads over the years. Most people here in new England don't plant till around now anyways. I'm planning on growing a patch if 20 or so and looking for a good yield. What it sounds like is the sun light is one of the top priorities to getting exactly what you want. Looking forward to a great grow season!
  15. Also from CT. I still have my plants indoors. Its too rainy out now. Going to be planting in pots outside in another week. Plants are 5 inches tall :) if you have problems with grubs or bugs eating your stems, mix some cayanne pepper into it and sprinkle some of the pepper around the base of the plant. Also repells slugs.

  16. I can't even find my plants lol. I remember where I put them, I just don't remember the EXACT spot, and a shit load of other small little plants decided to appear at the same time so I can't tell until they get big, because there's many of those little plants that have spiky leaves that look like weed but aren't.
  17. I'm in Maine and have grown outdoors 3 times. I always start them inside late April then move them out like right now. I have an AK-47 thats about 2 feet tall and has been outside in the ground for over 2 weeks. With all the rain I thought it would not have good results but it seems to love the wet weather and is looking great. My Northern Lights seems to be growing very slow with the rain.
  18. Do my eyes deceive me? Is that sun I just saw. Albeit only for 5 minutes or so; It sure was nice to get a glimpse of sunlight after this last week and a half of rain.

    Here is a WW that went out 11 days ago. There's much more growth than I expected but I think she's still starving for some sun. Ignore the few white spots on lower leaves. That's what happens when you are careless with deep woods off near your plant. [​IMG]

    Aside from that, all looks good so far.


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    Lool. Bro I always put like a red string around them. Not like AROUND them, but in a circle within 2inches of the plant. Helps quite a bit.

    @Durtee, you got some beautiful plants growing there. 8)
    This little guy ain't so big yet but I'm hoping it'll turn out good. :D

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  20. Wow, I can't believe I lost my fucking plants. Now I'm going to have to wait till their big enouh to be able to recognize, and then I can't take care of them until then because I don't acutally remember where I put them.

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