New England Stealth Growing

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MikePerson, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. I'm looking into growing. It wouldn't be for profit, but just to support me and a few friends. Right now I live with my parents who would murder me if they found out, so an indoor grow would have to be extremely stealthy. I'd like to do an outdoor grow, but our weather might make that kinda hard :(

    Some points:
    • Attic that nobody uses and is only accessible through my room available.
    • I have a one month window where my dad is gone, my mom never goes into the basement. This might be a good time to get seedlings started.
    • I have woods behind my house that pretty much nobody goes into. If I was to grow outdoors, it'd be here.
    • If I grow indoors. It can not smell. Whatsoever. My dad knows what it smells like.
    • I'm willing to plunk down some cash for seeds/grow box/whatever.
    Any ideas?
  2. Id say do it outdoors, my little brothers only 14 so he still lives at home, he wants to grow and even i who used to grow in the attic w.o. getting caught i still said dont do it, if ur parents happened to find it or find out about it they would be more pissed that you dont respect their rules. Trust me. It would be hell for you they would bother you about everything from that point on. At least in your backyard if they find it theres no way they[or anyone] for that matter can prove its yours[excluding dea, fbi, etc... but im pretty sure there not worried about a few plants some kids growing for personal use. I would reccomend outdoors, but theres always just finding a good connection and getting like QPs or 1/2s or pounds.

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