New Double Bubbler!! Need some help though...

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  1. So I got this new double bubbler today for $60 at a new smoke shop that opened up. I have already smoked out of it and damn it hits fat, but I need to know how much to fill up both chambers when smoking.
  2. pic dint show up
  3. I personally take a while doing this I toke to perfection well some stuff is don't fill the first one up to much can flood the bowl pack or it can fall out of the carb

  4. generally, if the stems just have a hole in the bottom you fill just a bit above the bottom of the stem, maybe a few mm above, if it has slits on the side of the stem then just a bit above the slits. generally people use just about the minimum amount of water for it to bubble well...having extra adds a lot of drag and doesn't help too much with cooling.
  5. [​IMG]

    Theres a pic of it, tell me if link works or not.
  6. nope. go advanced and then click attachments browse go to pictures and go from their :smoke:
  7. How is the pic now?

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  8. BEAUTIFUL. just a wonderful peice
  9. Thanks, how should I fill it though?
  10. You want to fill it mm above the stems. Drag is a big no for bubblers. :bongin:
  11. Alright so I do fill up both, thanks guys appreciate it.
  12. I say fill each to where the water is just above the stems, but you should just experiment and find out what makes it hit best
  13. Nice ass peice,looks like a bitch to get water in tho
  14. Nah, I found a cunny little funnel that fits inside my carb, so all I do is pour water into the funnel and within 5 secs I am done, love this piece.

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