New DIY Stealth PC Grower :) and more!

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    just built a stealth pc grower right next to my computer desk :p 50 cfm fan bringing in fresh air, and 2 pc fans scrapped. one intake blowing a gentle breeze of air through the bottom and one at the top for exhaust. and one 150watt hps sylvania force flowering this youngin that i dont think will be any good it was just bag seed so im just gonna see what i can get off of it... lol premature buds >_<

    anyways here are some pics!
    this grape ape is definitely sending me flying! :p i got 4 grams! this is just a little bit :p

    with a nice milk:p love good buds :D

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  2. Dude cool box

    OH yeah cigarettes are nasty and bad for you:D
  3. Nice box, but I am not a fan of that light setup you got LOL... it takes up like 1/2 the space and doesn't seem that it will work any better than a regular CFL... plus you might want to get some daylight bulbs (the bright white CFLS) they are far better for veg.

  4. those bulbs are 4 26w = 105w 6500K rating = DAYLIGHT
    1 EXTRA I will add

    I also have 4 46w 2700k rating for flowering stage so I think Im ok

  5. Sorry, but this isn't your thread... haha, so please don't mislead people... the OP said he is using a 150watt HPS in there... which I am sorry for reading over.... but an HPS bulb in a tiny pc case can cause some severe problems... I am not too informed about HPS bulbs, but I read that they buildup heat around them fast and if you combine that with a TINY pc case you are bound to come across problems.
  6. you should of finished with.. come across problems if not properly cooled.

    now in a pc case, that bulb i agree will get mad hot unless you get some air flow.

    edit: what are the temps inside the case OP?
  7. Seems cool... but not very stealth, and the amount of light that shines out, the same amount would shine in during the day, and if its on its off cycle....
  8. the temperature when its on is 84degrees and when its off subtle at 75. i also have a humidifier set on a light switch with timed setting.10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes and hour and hold settings for good humidity in the box.

    i am probably going to switch to 4 46watt CFL's because heat isnt an issue now but it will be later unless i gut the light fixture and put the ballast outside of the box and raise the light as much as possible.

    and the pc case really isnt tiny, its actually fairly tall it just seems that its small because of the bulky light fixture in there.
  9. im flowering a 4" baby. im running an experiment from germination so its in flowering its off from 3:00pm to 3:00am. so its on during the night, its not like im hiding it from my mom shes fine with the idea. but all of the light shines are sealed off now, and carbon filtered every vent. (ill post pictures later on this evening)

    ill probably end up just taking that light apart, and then seeing how things are with just that, if it doesnt turn out alright, ill just do my cfl plan :)
  10. Wait until you see my steal PC grow box, i'll show you whats up

  11. Sorry to post this uselessness OP..

    Hey T-rex, please keep me posted on your pc grow =D.... I too am getting a DOPE pc case within a couple weeks (job issues).... You will all see =D!!

    I am using some stupid 1998 pc case thats like barely 15 inches by 15 inches by 8 inches -__-............
  12. -.-" when was having a grower a competition? its something i threw together and spent absolutely no money on. except for the light. which was cheap at lowe's.
  13. no i meant like i show you my box haha

    i'm getting one that is 21 inches high :D
    I bought one already but ended up keeping it for my computer i have now hahaah
  14. haha nice! well id love to see yours! ive got a grow cab on top of my pc grower as well :p i just wanted the grower just because. incase something happened, im going to be lsting just because.
  15. ok i have to things that i dont like about it that you can deffinately fix for cheap ok and by the way one of my problems was already mentioned.

    ok so my first issuse is the tinfoil scrap that shit and either a) pain it flat white on the insides but if your going to do that make sure its FLAT white and not gloss or semi-gloss and make sure you rough up the metal before you paint so it adhears properly

    and my other problem is that light! i dont understand why first time or second time growers use HPS and HID bulbs because really you dont need that kind of wattage to grow 1 plant or 2 plants or even 3 i would possiblt consider it if i was growing 4 or more deffinately.
    just buy 2 23W Compact flors anf a 45W if you can fit the 45W but if you cant just get 2 more 23W compact flors hopefully this bit of critisim helped

    much love to everyone

    p.s your hydro bill must have jumped up high and HPS bulbs im pretty sure give off my heat than a incandesecent bulb if any one knows what those are lmao (trying to make a joke aha)
    but yeah hope to see more pics!!
  16. check out the pc case in my sig... 24" tall is the way to go!

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