New Discovery: Weed distorts DXM effects

Discussion in 'General' started by xplicitcontent, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. Ok, it's obvious that they do interact when used together. however, im relly trippin mad now and it kicked in after my high went down. i smoked and my trip never came but now it did, so i guess poppin pills and smokin isnt a good mix.
  2. no man, its not that bad, ur havin a side affect...

    trust me, from the dexmaster himself,

    sometimes when u smoke in a place you arent entirely comfortable or you have smoken a lot and are on a 3rd platuoe level then its easy to get paranoid, dxm makes u think very fast, and makes u very hot and sweaty, when u mix it with weed which speeds up you heartbeat it makes u sweat faster and ur mind is at warp speed right now, your prone to anxiety attacks, but dont worry, just think good things, it always works for me, even when im trippin balls after smokin a couple bongs and walkin home at 12:30 at night from a friends house about 25 minutes away
  3. yea smoking definitely makes a dxm trip alot better in my opinion.
  4. i definately agree, i love smokin while trippin on dxm. With me, ive found that normally with dxm if i dont smoke any weed, I get a good 3rd plateau high. BUT, if I wait half an hour after i take it and go for a walk for like 10 or 20 minutes, then come back and smoke some bowls or whatevers goin on with the weed i go way past 3rd and right into 4th plateau. smoke weed no matter what drug your using, makes it so much etter in my opinion.
  5. usually, when i use to dxm a good bit, me and my friend would 'wander' around my neighborhood and smoke cigs and just talk about weird shit. then one time we hit the bowl after the trip started to kick in and we were all scared to go wandering and it was not too good. they are both pretty cool drugs and ive had a few good expierences when mixing them but i suggest you just dxm solo.
  6. Have you guys ever actually got to the point where you had a panic attack while you were on DXM?
  7. i'm on dxm, no weed, it's good

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