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New dealer - Should I go back?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Decensor, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Met a new dealer yesterday. We both agreed to spark up just to show that everything was cool and prove we weren't cops. I brought a friend along, we meet up at this guy's house, the transaction goes down and right as I'm about to light a blunt, a car pulls up and he runs out to talk to this guy. 10 minutes later he comes in and says he's gotta leave because he's gotta be across town because some guy was gonna front him a half pound, but that we(my friend and I) can smoke in his back yard if we want. It seemed a bit suspicious so we left, haven't talked to the guy since.
    It all just seems a little weird to me that this guy never even lit up in front of us. He's got good prices, better than any of my other dealers, but I'm just a bit paranoid I guess. Anyone with experience dealing wanna weigh in on this? Should I still go back to this guy or maybe just stay with my previous dealers?
  2. go on back, im SURE if somethin sketchy would have happened, you would have been busted as son as the transaction was done and you turned around, or you would have been robbed as soon as you were in his house.
    ive been to plenty of people without smoking with them first, hell i even called a guy ive never even SEEN or talked to in my life, said i was so and sos friend and i came on through, the guy had one of his henchmen run out to the parking lot of the apts and serve me with the bag
  3. Alright, I was just paranoid at first, I've only been smoking for a bit so I'm still new to all this and every other dealer has been willing to smoke with me the first time. I'll probably give this guy a call sometime, because his prices are good.
  4. During a sting operation a police officer can smoke without getting arrested. So smoking to "prove your not a cop" isn't very useful. Most likely he's not a cop, usually the dealers that bring you to your house and let you smoke there aren't cops. Cops are usually the sketchy guys on the corner asking if you want to buy a dimebag.

    I would definitely go pick up from him again.
  5. I don't think you will get 'stung' if your buying small amounts.

    If your picking it up by the kilo off him then i would be worried.

    If not your paranoid.
  6. Yeah, I was only buying like 2g from him so I could see what quality was like and all. I'll probably go pick up a quarter or something next time though, now that I'm pretty sure he's cool.

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