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New Dank: Ogre, Honey Gold, and Red Line Diesel

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by fuji212, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Ogre $10/Gram Sativa Dominant Hybrid


    Honey Gold $10/Gram Sativa Dominant Hybrid


    Red Line Diesel $35 for 4.5 Grams (Green Friday Special!!)



    Feedback appreciated
  2. Dude...amazing i've love to blaze em up with you, the prices are extremely good as well. They are double in my state haha

  3. thanks man! yea it is pretty cheap up here in the NW. i love it! :smoke:
  4. looks like crazy bud.
  5. Nice man! Green Friday haha
  6. Are you in the Portland or area by chance? I've seen ogre around here at a few clubs and havnt seen or heard about it anywhere else. Just curious..

  7. naw im in seattle. a new collective openned up and they had it, so i picked some up right quick.
  8. god damn... such good deals from shops over there, it's 10/g here too. I like those sativa dom hybrids... they are great for anything :smoke:

    Damn... 4.5g runs me at least $40, my bros gf gotta 35/4.6g sack the other night from a random caregiver friend of theirs because her caregiver's shop closes at 6

    MMJ is awesome... but it sux that it is not available 24/7 haha. I love being able to pick up bud at almost any time :smoke:
  9. I like the honey gold and its a sativa oowee
  10. Mate they look fuckin fat. Would love a blunt with that honey gold.
  11. Red line diesel that sounds interesting I like diesels it looks outdoory

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