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  1. Hey guys, should be getting a new piece in the mail soon! Tell me what you guys think!? And also what would you guys pay for this piece? I feel like I got a more than fair deal on it and very happy with it:) ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1390344869.411045.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1390344881.227721.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1390344889.460422.jpg
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  2. Cool how much did it cost?
  3. Very nice! I'd like to see more close-up pics and work on the downstem. Like the colors.

    Price? Don't know who did it, but if you've been seeing the freakin' steals out there, that I have... I'm going to go with low of $125 if lesser known... up to $250 if someone who's name tacks on a surcharge.

    I just ordered myself a custom Elvis Red/White stemline recycler. Should be here, next week... or early the week after that. I'm not going to rush him.
  4. [quote name="BigDaddyVapor" post="19387759" timestamp="1390430534"]I just ordered myself a custom Elvis Red/White stemline recycler. Should be here, next week... or early the week after that. I'm not going to rush him.[/quote] How much was thisSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Hell yeah bud that's sick. What's the diffuser on it?
  6. That looks nice buddy, not your average bubbler...I've always like bubblers.  Looks like the bowl slides out too.  Post some close up pics!
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    Haha will def be posting much much nicer photos once I get it! The diffuser just has 6 or so punched holes.Will def be upgrading to something gridded in the futureThe slide does come out. And I'll be getting another one with it, pretty much the same thing but worked joint too! Idk if you noticed but the the bubbler has a clear ground joint too.
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    I can't go into that. I've known the guy, for a couple years, I get a lot of stuff free (not from this particular guy), or at very reduced prices. Not meaning to be a dick, I just know he wouldn't appreciate it.

    Besides, this is SsYyNn's celebration thread, I'll post pics of mine in my thread, when I get it... we can talk more then.
    We want video to!

    You might want to check out OregonGlassBlower on ioffer, SsYyNn. He's made all my downstems and accessories. He could make you a nice gridded, showerhead, etc for that. He does only clear boro, that I know of. BUT... after you order with him once, you will get DEEP discounts, on future orders. You add items to orders, pretty soon, he's throwing you some freebies. Mike likes repeat business and rewards them.

    That way, you can get some pretty sick functional designs and if you settle on something you like, you have a working prototype to give to someone that does color work.
  9. haha
    thats awesome, I have heard of him.
    I was thinking it would be cool to have a downstem inside a downstem with this since it has a 22mm joint or 29mm..idk lol but it reduces to 18mm. so it would be cool to get another that is designed to have a normal dowwnstem inside it.
  10. Mike knows me, so go ahead and name drop. If you see something he has, that you like... don't do the "Buy It Now", throw him a reasonable offer, he'll probably take it. I haven't talked to him in a long while, but he's received a good amount of business directly from me and because of me... at least he'll know eyes are watching. :D
  11. Thanks man, def will if I use him in the future!
  12. that thing have a removable mouthpiece as well?
    post close up shots when it comes in!
    looks legit ssyynn! nice pickup.

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