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  1. about to buy from a new connect. hes driving to me and my god, i hope its some loud azz shit...
  2. .....loud?

    Son, if your weed talks to you, you might want to check yourself into a mental hospital. Seriously.
  3. Gets loud weed "shut the fuck up weed I'm trying to toke in peace!"
  4. That compressed mexi-schwag dawg, some fire chit
  5. [ame=]Chief Keef Ft Ballout - Dat Loud - YouTube[/ame]

    I hope you get some ###LOUDDD



  6. i'm so glad weed didn't have stupid names like dro and loud when i was a little kid...

    i think we called it weed.
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    Come on old school you can't discriminate on the mary jane, can't just walk around in public saying weed have to mixx it up so the DEA,FEDS,POLICE, Don't catch wind you feel me?:D

    But you know I have to ask....Do you remember when a dime bag costed a dime?
  8. the name doesn't get you busted.. being stupid does.

    walking around in public talking about weed is gonna get you busted no matter what you call it.
  9. Well I must be lucky because I walk around talking about loud all day ! Another question. How much were condoms when you were a kid, and did you use them?
  10. you are lucky.. but i also don't think cops care as much about weed these days as they used to... but be careful dude, cops aren't as stupid as you might think.. and people rat when they get caught.

    yeah i used them sometimes.. no clue how much they cost tbh. I just bought a box the other day and i couldn't tell you how much they were.. i just threw them in the grocery cart and bought them.
    condoms fucking suck man.. =/
  11. light green, stinky as fuck, with a little purple in the buds.
    it was great.....
    until i spilled a cup of milk on it fml...

  12. If it is talking to him, I want whatever he is really smoking!
  13. Do you dress fresh?
  14. even if you're kidding i fuckin hate that dude. chief keef is like the absence of talent in all degrees


    Just kidding, I completely agree.
  16. can't even understand what that dude says half the time

    also, 2chainz and waka flocka are awful as well. i can only think of one track each i like by them

    congrats on the connect though OP
  17. wow def not the point of the thread but ok, i like flaka and chief keef, theyre hype. i dont listen for their talent smh
  18. wtf do you mean they?:rolleyes::devious::p:smoking::wave:
  19. I see what you did there
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    You can't just throw condoms in the grocery cart without checking to see how much cash you have first. They are fucking expensive.

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