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Discussion in 'General' started by flapjack1439, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. ok so im going to either buy a new TV or build a new computer. help me choose which one. i wanna get a new TV cause mine atm is only 720p and i want a 1080. i build my last computer 3-5 years ago but its still a very nice computer. any input would be nice :)
  2. I'd opt for the new computer then watch all your shows on it. lol Cheaper than cable...,
  3. Well thats what i do my TV is my monitor. Torents FTW. i do have cable also :)
  4. You should build a computer with a TV tuner.
  5. I have no need i have cable and DLed shows
  6. tv are about to get a lot better, so id wait till christmas time when new sets are coming out like better than 1080 and prolly 3d as well.
  7. u got a comp thats 3-5 years old?

    get a tv bruh.

    ur comp shud be good for another 5 yrs or so.

    i was runnin my old gateway comp for around 10 yrs..

    till i decided to get a laptop upgrade. (nuin expensive.)
  8. god damn 10 years old what a pentium 2? i could not do that i have a core 2 duo OCed to 3.4 and i really want a i7 second gen. i guess im just a little to nerdy to keep a comp that long. btw my comps main usage is gaming/watchin TV shows
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    I'm surprised you could keep your computer going for 10 years. Usually 3-5 years is the normal MAX for a computer's lifetime unless it took a small fortune at the time you bought it.

  10. it was actualy tweaked a coupled of times by my friend.

    but it actually lasted quite awhile.

    its not like i wanted the fastest/best computer u kno?

    just somethin that ran my once in a while gaming of CS and starcraft.


    so i was lucky enough to have someone do all that goodness (that i dint have any idea with).

  11. ahhaa.. it was old bruh.

    but see im not looking for the best of the best.

    just something that runs what i need to run.

    but ur tryna rig urs for gaming nd tv. so u definitely need that strong i5/.i7.

    i just dont have the cash to do all that. lol
  12. id go for the computer. jus get a big monitor for it that has all the extra bs so u can connect ur tv, xbox, whateevrs n u pretty much got urself a new computer and a flat screen! (referring to the flat screen HUGE computer monitors):hello:
  13. think i decided on building a new comp shits gonna be so sick

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