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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Kro-Nesis, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. Wassup tokers?

    I have tried it threw times, and I guess the 3rd is a charm. I have 56 plants on 24/7 & 7 1000w HPS. I decided to add some food coloring to my water (red of course) and water 8 plants as a experiment. Now all 8 of them have a red hue to the stems, and the underside of the leaves are red also. The only gree that can be seen is the tops of the Fan leaves.

    I hope like hell them white hairs aren't white at all. RED is what I am looking for!!!! I have already dubbed a name for this when the sh*t gets ready, RED FUSION!!!!!!

    I'll get some pics up when I get a chance. My grow room is outback about 3 miles away from teh house. All the land is my property, but them nosy ass police ride by hear at least once a week, cuz some dumb ass was growing on the side of his house. Duh!!!!!!! But I have to take my hat off the the chap, he had about 10 plants at least 9.5 ft tall.
  2. Prosh8 it!
  3. is there a chance that the food coloring would fuck the ph level in the water up? or any other parts of the growing process? give me pics of your buds!!!!!!!!!!!:hello:

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