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  1. i took clones from a 2.5 month old bella ciao soon-to-be-mom. (hopefully)- i took the plant upstairs, took the cuttings and placed them in a mild luke warm bath of nytrozyme and superthrive. very mild. After the cuttings sat for a second,, i dipped them into the rooting gel. Immediately i placed them in the jiffy pellets. I trimmed the leaf sets down to cut back on perspiration. ---ANY INFO??? these are like "test clones"--- i want a sturdy gene pool before i flower... i need HELP, I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE IN CLONING.

    sorry i think i posted w/o pics.----gotta have pics

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  2. Sounds fine to me. Those should root within 7-10 days tops. That or die. Sometimes they can be a pain. Jiffy pellets suck though. I recommend rockwool cubes that have been soaked in a SUPER weak nute solution that is PH balanced. Once they root you can stick the cube into soil or into a hydro setup no problem.
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  4. this made me laugh, since you responded to him in all three threads LMAO.

    either way, 'tis the truth. 1 > 3

  5. well you know, Ricardo . he just likes to be thorough ( sp?) :D ;) :) . ..have to agree also

    to the OP, they look fine .. keep an eye on those jiffy pellets they like to retain too much moisture... water less then your instincts tell you to .

    good luck
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    yeah---thorough--- consolidate your opinions if they arn't helpful dude... sorry i accidentally posted w/o pics---- dude... people like you make the city not so welcoming... instead of bashing people on threads... either keep your fucking mouth shut or give some good advice... the grey area is a little immature don't you think?-----I WILL post as many threads as i want-- if you don't like it, then don't click on them... that simple ricard0
  7. Do you have some sort of dome or anything you use for humidity control? You really shouldnt have to water the plugs if you keep everything under the cover moist. You might water once, I usually don't though.

  8. yeah i have a jiffy "dome". It's really a covered flat, but i think it is going to work. I put a light under the tray with a towel between (so it doesn't get too hot) to add some heat underneath. Like a DIY grow mat or something. THANKS for the info on the watering... i think i probably would have watered them with a mild nute boost or something, but i think you are right. i soaked the pellets in a very mild nytrozyme/superthrive water... thanks for the reply man-much help:smoke:
  9. Man I tried cloning a 1000 times before I got a method that offers me 100% success everytime. The secret is not to rush things, most important. When I first started cloning I wanted results quick, after 14 days past and not much happened I stated freakin out. During that time frame I would mess with the plugs, looking for roots and poking around. Over all just acting like a newb.

    My success in cloning is simple. I cut from a lower branch of a female plant and place the clone in water with superthrive for 30 minutes. I do adjust the ph to 6.0 but I dont necessarily think you have to do that. I also let the plugs soak in the same solution. Once 30 mins pass I dip the little girls in rootex and place them in the plugs. I then put them in a humidity dome and place that dome in my grow room out of direct light for 7 days. I just let the light run off of my HPS do the work for 7 days. I dont heat them, I dont mess with them and I dont water them unless the absolutely look like they need it. What I do during those 7 days is mist the leafs with water/superthrive once a day. Thats it. After those 7 days pass I take the dome and place it under 64w 6500k flora tubes. I remove the dome part of the day and then cover the clones for the other part so basically 50/50. All this happens on a 18/6 light schedule. I only water them when the plugs no longer feel damp. I dont keep them saturated like the first 7 days, just damp so oxygen really gets to the root zone, I think that is most important. Once you place them under their own lighting you see results. Just give them time and be patient, dont force mother nature and she will reward you. Also once they are under their own light I mist everyother day. I dont know but I believe when the plants dont get the water fed to them it triggers something to grow roots to go search for water and food. Before I used to keep the fuckers soaking and the cuttings wouldnt root, they would stay green the whole time and no roots. I did under stand until I switched things up. Give it a try and let me know. peace out and good luck -benny
  10. dude, thank you bennyweed--- that is the most useful piece of information i have gotten in a long time. Thanks man---God bless your garden.

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