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  1. I think it's getting to the point where i need to start SCROG.. I haven't been able to locate a guide that was not extremely vague / broad.... If any of you gents happen to have a link / any helpful info in regards to SCROG'n, it's most appreciated!

    I already Lst'd the main branch down a long time ago, but I recently put another Zip Tie on there to start getting it to bend towards the right... to eventually get it to "Circle" the plant.. to get the most ouf of my grow space.

    I don't think I'll top... just because i'm super noobie and I just want my first one to be somewhat successful... I'll do the crazy stuff for max yield on my next go around.

    I'll update with pictures later today- i'm going to have to get some activated carbon here in the next week from the pet store and get a little filter made.. I plan to just throw some in nylon and have my fan either pull air through it or blow through it.

    Also.. I chopped a few of the dead leaves back to the main stem.. If they where more than 40% dead / looked horrid.. I chopped them. The majority of the leaves seem to be a darker green.. but on the plus side the stems / new growth are looking more and more lime green, unlike the purple / dark red stems that it had when I got the clone.

    I'm really excited because I may be getting GDP for my second attempt... and GDP sure does look pretty when your growing it :)
  2. I'd just continue the LST as your doing fine with it ..good for us newbees to try ..

    no need to top with the fine LST job..and topping will slow her down a week or so

    pipe cleaners work real well to LST with..they bend easy..fully adjustable..have a nice soft cover to not damage your baby..twist 2 or 3 together to make longer lengths as she grows..

    searching SCROG just brings up the same handfull of pages it seems so like you i'm still reading/thinking/planning..with my pendant hanging lamp setup i'm thinking V-Scrog or a round tower shape wire to lowes to look at wire ..
  3. I'm going to scrog next go around. Thanks for the compliment on lst.. Been just guessing how to do it since it seemed easy :) I moved the plant around to put more light on the side with smaller growth in hopes of making more bud sites.

    Istaymedicated is doing a vertical scrog.. I may do it also depending on how his goes and hire much more the yield was.. This is my first grow so I'm just doing my toes in the water ;)
  4. You'll also want to transplant eventually.. so just keep that in mind. I have heard both bad and good from people that have tried to LST in a circle. But I've really only heard good from people that get those rectangle pots, plant the plant at one end, then LST in a straight line up to the empty end of the rectangle pot. Looks like it wouldn't be hard to get your plant doing that since it's already got one long side. I'd probably look for the largest pot you can with not much more height than your current pot since you're going to be pretty limited on height.

    The circle LST will work, it's just a bit harder to maintain a level canopy I think. You can keep it in this same pot for the whole life too, but increasing pot size will increase yield. Just some thoughts, and recommendations. I won't be offended at all if you want to stick to the original plan.

  5. to be honest.. i dont know how to check if i need to transplant or not.. and another thing.. The soil i got was from a buddy in the town over... i did save the mix from the other clone that i threw away though.. it's just been sitting there dry on a shelf with nothing in it.. i only put fresh water through it once.. should still have some goodies in it.. right? I could just put some of that in the bottom of a wider / rectangle pot... then put the old one in with all of it's soil then dump the rest of the new soil around it??? but.. mill it a little of course so it's not clumped in some spots.. (Something about water going through evenly.. etc.)

    I'm pretty much just doing what I can to get it away from the walls of my box... I put the longer end further from light.. and the smaller portion close to the light so it starts growing in different spots.

    Dont know if what i am saying makes sense or really works.. but so far it seems to be looking better
  6. Yep it's looking better. Transplant times have to do with plant size. It's hard to know what is exactly right without fucking the plant up a little bit. It can be different from grow to grow depending on soil and nutes. But you can generalize a little bit. I always think of plants as having roughly the same size roots on the bottom as growth on top. If you cut your plant from the main stem and loosely threw it into a pot of the size you have (maybe a few more chops just to make it fit), it would probably almost fill the pot. To me, that means it's almost time. You can get away with less pot size if you feed more, or more pot size if the soil is good.

    And in my opinion, it's important to get all the pot size issues handled before you're producing buds or you'll probably get dirt in the buds. I have a plant right now that is in too small of a pot, but it's deep into flowering, so I'm stuck with it. I have others that are good though.
  7. would i be able to recycle the other dead clones soil? it had no bugs or anything like that... The soil just dried out because i left it there... i only ran water once through it so it should still have it's nutrients .. i think anyway.

    The other clone wasn't even rooted... but i didnt have the time / another box to have it catch up in... this big one is going to fill the box as it is anyway though :)
  8. Yea the soil should be fine, or as good as what you're growing the other one in. It's not even very old. Drying out a bit shouldn't matter much normally. Did you ever find out what kind of soil it is? Organic or not? Then I'd be able to tell you with more certainty.
  9. Yo
    General rule of thumb for pot size, 1:1 ratio. So if you are going to be growing your plant for three months you should, ideally, have a 3 gallon pot. I was able to grow my pc plant out, completely, using only 1/2 gallon but it was majorly root bounded. So I would say a gallon is just fine. Remember, you don't have the space for anything much bigger. As far as transplanting, you only want to do this, ideally, once, it causes alot of stress and slows down growth by a week or so. You also only want to transplant into the same medium as its growing in, so if the soil from your other cutting is the same, use it, if not, stay away. Anything to not stress your plant out is ideal. It doesn't matter if your clone came from a female mother plant, if you stress it out enough, it's gonna grow balls.
    Stay stoned
  10. transplanting is always a good thing .. just be gentle about it ...even in flower the plant is still growing.. putting on i'd bet it's still trying to grow more new clones had root circled the 3 in pot in just 10 days..jumped them into 6 inchers 4 days ago..i'm planning a transplant every 10 to 14 days..between the FFOF soil and the rapid transplants this group of 4 is almost twice the size of the week older group that didn't get this close your own side by side testing..i've even finally got the wife to stop bitching to just stick them in the dirt with that..
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    Yep I agree with Brass. For transplanting, as long as you let the soil get dry to the point that it needs watered, the soil generally stays together in one clump without messing with the roots. I usually notice explosive growth just a day or two after transplanting. If everything stays together, and you don't mess with the roots, I've seen little to no stress. The only time I ever noticed stress from a transplant was when I transplanted just a day or two after watering. The soil was still wet, and some of the bottom broke away. The plant had a few leaves on the bottom that were kind of saggy and sad looking, but within 2 or 3 days it was back to normal.

    Some people like to almost completely hose off the old roots and put them in a full pot of fresh soil. That's where it really stresses the plant and probably takes a week off. I think you're much better off keeping the old soil all clumped together and not moving the roots at all, unless the old soil is causing problems.

    1 gallon per 1 month doesn't make a lot of sense because growth is exponential, not linear.

    If going with that logic, a better equation than
    (pot size in gallons) = (months of growth)
    would be
    (pot size in gallons) = (months of growth)^(e/2)
  12. i will have to contact him / her today to find out.. My temp is running around 85 on average.. with a humidity of around 25-40.. is that alright in these circumstances?

    I think tomorrow or thursday i may switch to 12/12.. it's in our shower room... so I'm thinking i'll have to have lights on during the day and lights off at night.
    It's about taking up about 1/3 or 1/4 of the box at the moment, so i dont want it to get too big and be hitting the lights at the end.
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    It's not necessarily a problem, but definitely on the high side.

    edit: haha just got my sub's mixed up

  14. lol it's all good- What exactly do I want for a temp.. i'm having a really hard time keeping the temp below 88.. a VERY hard time.

    Should i throw a little pc fan towards the bottom blowing up?
  15. That would probably help. Looks like the grow is fairly air sealed except for the intake and exhaust, which is good...

    A mini oscillating fan is probably the best thing you can purchase. You probably just need more wind in there one way or another. If you think about the way that the air moves, it doesn't do much more than a straight line from you intake to your exhaust, so areas like the top front probably get extra heat buildup. If you make sure there is a little bit of turbulence everywhere, that's probably your best bet. Easiest way to do that is with a oscillating fan, although my box just has a bunch of PC fans.
  16. I have five 1.5 - 2 inch holes on the back bottom that two have pvc to run air to different spots in the box with a five inch hole with a powerful PC fan at the top. I will put a three inch fan at the bottom blowing up.

    Put the box in another room that is much cooler.. So all heat issues are taken care of.
  17. Last picture is of how well the stem bent around in a circle through some slow lst. Hopefully in a week I
    Will have a complete circle and have a nice bush.. If ya know what I mean.

    Two or three days till I switch three lights
    Unless otherwise suggested.

    Got some distilled water and flushed partly with tap water then watered with distilled till there was some more run off. Hopefully that will prevent a nute lock and get rid of the red purple Stem




  18. i think i'm going to have to find a new growing pot... i still have the dry medium from the x.x clone. I'll try to keep the majority of the current soil clumped with the roots.. but when it is in the mix of other medium.. i'm going to kinda knock off a little bit of the roots because i ahve a feeling the soil may be a little packed.. a lot of the white little balls (i think it's perlite.. i still don't know what the soil is yet) towards the top of the soil.

    I'm going to go for a 2~ 2.5 gallon container.. probably some betty crocker storage container and cover the outside of it to not damage any roots from light.

    any thoughts?

    Also.. when the heck should i switch my lights to 12/12 you think.. based on size vs my grow space in the pictures?
  19. It uh... Had been below seventy in there and now they plant isn't looking so hot. Dark brown overnight in one spot.. Either light burn bad or something.. Idk. Attends are red. I flushed yesterday.., or flooded or flooded it I should say, with distilled water. Did not add any nutrients though..

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