New Clones, First Grow, Time To CFL

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  1. Just picked up Two Clones two days ago:
    Both Purple Silver..
    One looked great, other not so great..

    P1: [​IMG]


    I have asked around and got a little advice from a couple respectable / reputable
    micro growers here and realized my plant either had some pH issues when I got it,
    is over-watered, and is lacking some nutrients... As well as potentially in shock due
    to change in surroundings.

    I looked around the gardening shed and located the following All Purpose Plant Nutrients / Food:
    24-8-16: 1/2 tsp for 1 gallon.. I'm going to use Half that for 1 Gallon

    15-30-15 :1/2 tsp for 1 gallon.. As before.. I'm going to just use half that for 1 Gallon.
    (all indoor plant / bush measurements according to instructions)
    I took some of the 24-8-16 water and poured a little into my filter water sprayer and I
    then sprayed the bottoms of the leaves on both plants.
    Poured a small portion of the gallon of mix in the pot / around the stem.
    (Like 1-3 cups of water worth)
    I started with 6500 26w 3x And 1x 20w 2700
    I now have 4x 6500 26w And 1x 42w 2800
    so that should help a bit as well..
    The box / Setup is as follows:
    ~2 Foot Tall
    ~1 Foot Deep
    ~1 Foot Wide
    Two Passive intake holes in the bottom/back of Container
    One larger hole inside / top where lights will be for 1 of 2 Exhaust Fans..
    Small 2-3 inch fan inside the box..
    One larger Badass 3 speed fan made for super computers on the end of
    my Carbon filter coming out the back / pointing down, but away from my
    passive intake holes. It keeps it plenty cool inside the box with all of the lights.
    I'll post pictures at a later date.. But it's very... very stealthy and looks like the
    original container it was from all but one view... the back staring at all the
    fans / power strip lol.
    Please post any ideas / advice I'm a noob and I'm all ears..
    Just a shout-out to those who have helped me so far ... I really appreciate it!! +Rep

    EDIT: I Also don't know when to top it or really how to LST in a Micro Type environment.. Any tips would be AMAZING in regards to that as well.. I know where to cut.. when you top, but I dont know how far into the grow.. or when ... I'm just new and scared Lmao.
  2. New / up to date pictures... taken right before i introduced some nutrients i mentioned above.

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  3. yo
    from what I can see of your box, it looks good, I want to see the rest though :smoking:
    I would suggest, since you have limited space, you are really only going to be able to fit one plant in your box and being that you have two and one is looking pretty sick, I would ditch that one and focus on the one that looks good. the sick one can come back if shes treated right but she will be so far behind the other one that you will probably end up ditching it anyways.

    as far as topping, when you have 5 nodes, i believe is the suggested time to top. as far as training it goes, I would use that rack thats in there and try to train it through that so you have plenty of spots to tie it down. when your clone is growing again, you could top it then, i would say have at least three sets of leaves before doing it though.

    miracle grow, it works....its not the best and you can burn them to easily with it. I havent personally used it myself but thats only because everywhere I have read says to avoid it at all costs. if its the only thing you have available, so be it but you should try to get different stuff if you have the funds. before using more nutes though I would let her adapt to her surroundings more, they can definitely go into shock from a new environment and it would be bad if you shocked it even more by over dosing it with nutes. since you are new, start slow and try to dial in the environment before feeding. ive had a couple friends that arent successful at first and give up because they find it to be to hard to maintain everything. its all really quite easy if you have the patients and the willingness to learn.
    good luck
    stay stoned
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    Thank you for all of your helpful input, I really appreciate it man especially earlier.
    I'm beimg careful with the mg and followed some guidelines from a fellow blade on gc.
    Use half recommended indoor dose of fertilizer and I'm waiting until its next water cycle to actually feed them.
    I did dilute it about 10 to 1 water to nutes mix in my sprayer and have been spraying it on occasion with it, mostly undersides of leaves. I might really work On the big one and let the little one just run, with probably one or two small Colas of it survives. for flower I'm getting 3x 42W 2800 and leaving 2x 6500 26w in there. Going to flush a week after flower and start mg bloom in diluted amounts too. feed once every 3 waterings or so, was suggested to me, slowly work up to the indoor amount recommended on the box, but no more. The bloom is 15-30-15.

    Edit: I'm going to only spray it on occasion, but not water it until its dry first knuckle deep.

    I turn the lights off for about 2 hours a day, when exactly do I know when I need to switch to 12 12 or flush? Sorry for asking so much guys... Everyone here just seems so knowledgeable...
  5. Dude its your journal, don't apologize for asking questions here. I would flush and then switch your lights to 12/12 then switch to your bloom nutes. Ideally, the rule of thumb is to switch to flowering when your plant is healthy and about two to three times smaller than you want the final plant to be. If you're using the scrog method you should switch when your screen is 80 percent full. Time wise switch after 3-5 weeks of vegging. You don't have alot of space to work with so you have to switch sooner than normal.
    Stay stoned
  6. I want to try and screen and lst. I'm trying to get it to one side now, then spiral it then put a screen to push it dorm and spiral more as it tries to come through. I'm going to let the little one do whatever, no stressing it lol. So I should just use the bloom in a week? Have not even actually fed them with the veg stuff
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    Let me know what you think, pictures got mixed and I forgot one but can't find it...

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  8. As for the droopy should be perky & standing tall & healthy witnin 2-3 hours of light. I had a problem where the top 5-6 inches of my SKUNK-47 plant was broken off. I noticed as soon as I went to check on my room. It must have broke the day before as I was reaching over to water another plant....anyways, I immediately cut it totally off of the plant & cloned it. Within 2 hours it went from dead to perfectly alive & perky!! So Im gonna say that if that clone is still (after several hours) droopy I would toss it & concentrate on the good one. Just like someone above said, if it does survive (which I think it will) it will be behind the healthy one.

    And GOOD LUCK with your grow!! Looking at the set up I would say that 1 plant will be plenty. Try scrogging 1 maybe!! Trust me the space will fill up quick. I thought that my space 4x4x6 would fit alot & I was told by many people that I should do only 4-5. Well I didnt listen & I had 12!! Well they really suffered. My first 6 grew nice & large & bushy but my next 6 didnt have much room & they grew skinny & tall with alot of stretching. My 1st batch is flowering now & I know I will get much more than I am gonna with my 2nd batch. So I should have listened & did less. The plants will grow where there is space. If its tight, they will grow upwards & stretch for the light.

    Check out my grow anytime. My signature is the link. I have White Widows and 1 Skunk-47. 6 of them are currently in week 7 of flowering. I just added 3 pics yesterday. Again, good luck.
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    Unfortunately, it has looked liked that for three days since I got it under four 26w 6500 and one 42w 2800
    CFL with passive exhaust and a good fan.
    Other plant seems to look good though.

    I noticed that some of the leaves spine is purple red like the stem when I got them.. What do I do?



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  10. I would concentrate on the healthy plant. It probably will come back but it will be behind considerably. Im not sure how to treat it with the red stem, maybe someone else can help.
  11. The leaves are a little bit curled and some are folding a little at the vein of the leaf.
    One thing I also notice is the top of some of the leaves are puffy it looks like.



    The little one is a lost cause I would say... Do you think the big one had grown much in the last three days or so? The red stem worries me..

    I'm not to sure how much longer I should be vegging and I don't know when I should put up something to use as a scrog. In still doing 22/2 for now. As for lst, all I have done is get it to one side, do I now want to start slowly getting it to go to the right or left?

    Thanks again in advance for everyones help
  12. I cant tell if it has grown in any of the pics. I myself wouldnt really start scrog until they have descent roots. But thats just me. Do they have roots yet?? or are they brand new clones? As for how long to veg...that is up to you. remember tho you will need enough room for them to flower because they will double in size. I wouldnt veg for at least a few weeks & see where they are then. The red stem...I am not sure either. I have read about red stems but forgot what it meant, lol. I dont think it was good tho. Research will be smart for these. SG's thread is a good read & he can also answer your tough questions. thats where I turn to when I need answers about my grow.
  13. I actually just sent him a message earlier today asking for a little of his input too. a fellow gc Buddy mentioned it may be a deficiency or ph was bad when I got the clone. hopefully this is fixable with some 24 8 16 nutrients and good water.. I gave it a diluted helping of nutes yesterday, so going to see done changes.

    at this stage, should it be pretty noticeable growth wise?
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    Patients patients patients :p
    The best advice I got with my first grow was to leave it the fuck alone :p it's solid advice. Dude above brought up a good question. Are they brand new clones or were they rooted by the time you got them?
    I would say that adding nutes could potentially cause more stess. If they aren't healthy more stress would be bad. Wait to feed it more for a week. Water it with pure ph'd water. But skip the nutes until you notice improvements. There are alot of stress points that she needs to get adjusted to before you can start pushing her.
    How hot does your cabinet run, by the way?
    Do you have a ph test kit? Most water runs high so you have to be able to control that or it won't matter what you feed it because there will be lock outs. I usually like to keep my ph at 6.8 but when I'm feeling lazy I am happy with 6.5-6.9. Red stems are typically an iron deficiency. honestly I usually have red stems through out my grows. It probably cuts down on my yield and potency but there are alot of other things to get right that will effect your girls worse than an iron deficiency.
    It's hard to notice a growth change when you're peaking at her throughout the days. Next time you water her, don't check on her for a couple days and you'll notice a change. I know it's hard not to look but give it a shot. If, at this point in its life, it's a healthy plant, you will notice changes every couple days. After all, it is a weed :p
    Stay stoned
  15. Lol I think I have come to the conclusion that I really do need to just leave it the hell alone lol. I have been foliar feeding them because I think they may be nutes locked.. Going to get some Epsom salt, tsp per gallon and spray a little on with some just phd water or some diluted nutes. Going to dump a bunch of water with a little Epsom and nutes that are diluted in 2 days. Going to dump a hole gallon it so through her than not water Her or feed her for 3 days or so when the soil will be dry.

    I think that is what I need to do, not sure yet.. I would love any input on the above mentioned idea
  16. Just use water until you see some improvements. My advice. They don't NEED nutes this early in the game, make sure she's healthy before giving her food she's never had. If you must feed nutes to her I would go 1/4 strength from what the instructions say.
    Stay stoned
  17. Will do Buddy, I won't add any nutes other than some diluted Epsom salts. Should I still drown her in a couple days with water?
  18. I've never used Epson salt before, what does that do?
    Drown? I wouldn't drown her. I would start your water regiment, either every day, every other or a couple times a week, whatever works best for you and your schedule. Drowning could potentially cause more stress. Do you have extra Perlite anywhere? If not you should get some, super cheap and readily available. You're going to want higher humidity in this stage. I like to put a layer of Perlite down, mist it and then put my growing pot on top of the Layer of Perlite, this raises my humidity and eliminates the need to mist all day. It's not bad if the soil dries up a bit, you want it to so the roots have something to look for. Drowning it could lead to over watering which leads to droopy leaves, rotten roots and in most cases fungal gnats. I water my plant every day. Little bit at a time. This early your plants probably only need about 1/4 - 1/2 cups a day, at most. If you don't want to water it every day, water it until you see water draining out of the bottom. A great way to see if she needs water is by taking generic wood Chop sticks and pushing it down to the bottom of your growing pot, let it sit there for a while and pull it out. You'll be able to see exactly how wet it is on the bottom.
    Stay stoned
  19. So based on what you said, just water her like normal for now, don't flush or do anything really, just run it normal for Week or two then start to go into nutes and stuff. Check.

    My only concern is.. What if they are nute locked. The stems are very dark red/ purple.. Especially the main one. What should I do if there is no further growth in a week?
  20. There will be. Nothing to worry about. These are resilient plants that will try to adapt and survive in alot of different conditions. I personally don't think your clone looks bad. They are however fragile in this state so you want to only give it what it needs to survive and not stuff that will help it thrive to be the biggest and best... Yet. My buddy that I am helping, for example, he has a good success rate for clones but they look like shit for a while. It can take a couple weeks for them to start really growing. When I first started helping him he had 4 clones, the runt of the litter, he was thinking about tossing, so I showed him how to super crop on a sick clone and now that clone is one of his best plants. Just have patients and in a week from now if you're having issues then you should do something about it. I remember you saying you had hardware stores around you. I highly suggest going to one and getting a bottle of b1. Much cheaper at a hardware store, a gallon should be no more than $10. B1 is an awesome product to have for clones and vegging plants
    Stay stoned

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