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  1. Sounds good. That should do it as long as you're diligent. And it sounds like you are. You might not want to spray when the lights are on though. Not sure about your situation, but mine get leaf burn real quick with lights on and neem oil-water sprayed on them. I always soak right when the lights go out though. Some grows are just fine spraying in the day too. For nute absorption too though, light off and 72 degrees or below is best.
  2. thanx man, mine seems to be okay with water, but like you said it might be a little different with the oil. Probably magnifies even more.

    Thing that is upsetting... I'm leaving the state for 2 days Sat at like 5 am. Or Friday at 11:00pm so I won't be able to kill those eggs.... I will basically have to start over again on Sunday or Monday with treAtment for more resistant bugs lol.
  3. Will these do the trick for stronger roots and other for my spider mites? I just soaked my baby with the insect stuff.. Top and bottom of leaves


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    That Houseplant and Garden Insect Killer isn't the same thing I used, so I can't say it will work for sure. It didn't review as well on Amazon as the stuff I got. But it's probably better than doing nothing while waiting for shipping from Amazon. I would probably still order something with neem oil in it and just use that stuff in the mean time. You might be okay with what you got, but I'd feel like you're better off getting what I know worked for me. Plus, the way I apply that stuff, the bottle you got would only last me two rounds. The one I got is more expensive, but highly concentrated, so it's way cheaper for how much spray you get.

    B1 stuff you got is probably fine. When I used B1, it was pure B1 with nothing else. Everything else I see these days is a mixture of B1 and a few other things. Probably doesn't matter much though.
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    thanks for the input man, I plan On soaking it a few times today then tomorrow a few Times. If no progress I'm going to pay the extra and drive to the next town with an actual grow shop lol.
    I poured a little of.the b1 in there with the right amount of water ratio.. Hopefully it helps with the stress and shock of everything including the bugs lol.
  6. My little guy after drowning with insecticide for two days.. Got a little bit of light burnn from the liquid magnifying the light.. I had to kill them all before I left the state for a day or two.

    Also.. My collection of nutrients and stuff so far. waiting to hear all of the 'don't use Mg' comments :) a Buddy is teachingme how to use it effectively.. Without killing then or nute burn.



  7. Looks a little burnt from the insecticide being used while the lights where on.. But I had to do it lol.

    I think the ph may be to high.. But I cent find a store locally with them in stock.

    I think the burning is from light or heat..but I'm not sure. Just bought a temp/humidity checker that is the same level as the plant.

    Fed it some b1.. Read 3/4 of the marijuana Bible in a day after buying it lol.
    Learned a lot, but only some has been helpful thus far in regards to new knowledge.


  8. I know this is on grass city somewhere too but I just did a Google search on my phone. Check out this link for common signs and symptoms of problems. There are pictures and remedies to the problems to.

    Now that you have a temp reader, what are your temps? It looks like it might be a little hot in there. Also if you don't have a way to test your pH that is probably another huge factor that will create issues. As soon as you add nutes to your water it usually lowers the ph. If you are adding water that has ph issues you're probably getting some major lock outs too.

    I'm not sure the rules of grass city but there's an eBay link for a ph kit. Until you get that you should only add water. It's wasteful at this point to give her food if she can't even absorb it. Water is one of the most important thing for her to survive. Ditch the nutes until you get one. Most water is between 7.0 - 7.5ph, buy regular distilled water from any grocery store and just use that from now on.
    Good luck man
    Stay stoned
  9. You back yet? Plants still alive?
  10. Holy ganja, thank you for the info and link. Can I get bottled water or something? I have heard hit and miss with distilled, but anything is better than my.. More than likely 7 pH water lol.
  11. hahaha, I am still around... I'm avoiding updating because my plane looks ugly. The little new growth looks healthy green, but from heat stress and from getting them burnt from soaking with the miticide during lights on... Some of it isn't so pretty.

    Its still alive and well though.. Definitely rooted. I did trim a couple leaves that were damaged by 40% or more, though.

    I will update with photos tomorrow :) the heat keeps creeping to the high 90s... So I have to figure out how to fix my fans and passive intake to work more effectively :(.

    I have one 42w bulb 2800 CFL
    And three 26w bulbs 6500 CFL..
  12. I did that too when I noticed the bugs and first got my spray. Those damaged leaves will just die now. I knew it was wrong to spray with the lights on, but I wanted those little fuckers dead right away. Probably same as you. The plant will be fine though. Just need to veg longer.
  13. This made me laugh! I had to leave the next day for two days... So I went ape shit with that spray for a day to kill everything..or at least drown them lmao. They all seem dead and gone.. I don't see any little moving white specs lol..
    On occasion I spray the general purpose killer for -bugs- and mildew/mold around the grow area to prevent future problems lol.

    How guess everything with your current by the way?

  14. My grow? Check the link in my signature. Got rid of all my flower and kept spraying my vegging plants for a few weeks when I had spider mites. Haven't seen them since. I still spray the vegging plants every once in a while.
  15. I'm going to spray one a week to prevent and kill if a little infestation occurs. Really sorry about the flowing plants loss... I would be devastated lol.. This is the only baby I have :)

    I have noticed that after the first week its definitely easier to chill and leave it the hell alone lol.
    I was peeking on it all day every day worrying about it, but probably because it didn't look very healthy when I got it
  16. My questing is how big were your roots? Just tried planting a clone, pictures of the roots are included, left the room came back looked dead, need to change clone water now but I put her right back into hy homade aerophonic system and the roots look nice again, and the plant looks 90% better. How big do roots need to be before planting?


  17. I don't think he rooted the clones himself did he?

    Anyway, I use a DIY bubble cloner, and I plant when roots are about a half inch usually. Sometimes longer. You might need more roots if your cuttings are big.

    I've heard of that happening to other people too right after they go into soil, but I've never had that problem. Maybe you didn't water enough right were the roots are? I dunno..
  18. OK so showing roots in 5 days wait 2-3 weeks to plant, I do have a seperate room for verging. So not worried about different size. I think my only problem is rushing it, and not waiting.
  19. :smoking:AKKKKK LITFA..leave the poor things be for a while .. damm..keep both for now..molest the smaller one.. use it as your test subject if you feel like nuting something..both are still to small to do much with .. some very light LST/low stress training..slowly fold the top down with pipe cleaners..topping in any form slows growth a week or more every time it's done.. don't for my 2 cents..not this grow..leave them on 22/2 or go 24 on ..till they get 1/3 the space size your working with .. maby 1/4 this grow.. then flower @ 12-12..remember good watering habits win the a newbee grower you might just try a good soil like fox farms ocean..and avoid all the nutes stuff.. it's hot enough to take you well up to near flower with nothing added local hydro store sells the hell out of the stuff so it must have some value..every time i go in somebody is loading the trunk of his car with bag after bag of it..12 bucks for 2 cf or so..they keep a pallet taller then i am right at the door.:smoking:
  20. Quick cell update with two pictures... Not the best angle our with the best camera.. But was on the run and was already almost late for work lol.



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