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    What's up guys, we are High Chief and are based out in Southern California. Cloning is our specialty and its what we love to do. We are here to learn even more as we know that these forums have great people with great knowledge and amazing advice. We will also be giving out advice if we see posts where people need help with anything cloning related. We currently have 20 strains that we produce, ice cream cake being our favorite as the feedback on the bag appeal we are getting is amazing (picture will be attached). Our facility houses thousands of clones at once IMG_6351.jpg IMG_6350.jpg IMG_6347.jpg 399b64e0-47a2-43b5-9948-e9a43e10f92a.jpg
  2. Welcome to GC. Tread carefully, " are able to ship out nationwide " sounds close to advertising.
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  3. GroBuddy thank you for that. Every forum is slightly different and of course we wanna follow everyones forum respectfully. We have edited the post to comply with the rules.

    We appreciate your warm welcoming though!
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  4. Welcome, but if you are moving clones across state lines … do I even have to say it?
    Pretty shady … are you a legal business?

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