New cigarette pack warnings for Canada

Discussion in 'General' started by DanceBass, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Any Canadian smokers seen these yet? I saw some on my friends Belmonts a while ago and now I get them on my Canadians. If you haven't, it's just more graphic and it takes over 75% of the pack now. I saw ads like that on Australian cigarettes but never thought they'd come here too, lol. It really doesn't bother me, but I was wondering what you guys think? Here's the one I got today:[​IMG]
  2. You guy have Belmont? thats my favorite brand, the most popular one in Venezuela.
  3. they should've used a prettier girl. that one is already pretty ugly so i dont feel like she lost a lot in the beauty department
  4. LOL good, maybe you people will learn!
  5. Creepy shit.
  6. Hey guys, cigarettes are potentially lethal to your health, but we'll sell them to you anyway :devious:

    It's not just the black market that are making heaps of money off drug addiction.
  7. She's hawt.

    But seriously let us smokers be we made the choice, least I did and I except I don't need bullshit shoved down my throat.

    If I get cancer, heart disease, black gums or a white eye I except it. I consciously made the choice and I'm mature enough to except the consequences of my action.
  8. the tongue one is the grossest thing i've ever seen.
  9. Ya dude I smoke belmonts and the new ones are funny. The Barb Tarbox one is the best, you seen it yet? Its a picture of some hideous wasted away lady and says Barb Tarbox died of lung cancer at age 42. Such a fake name, me and my buddy always crack jokes about it. Bitch is so stale shes got tar in her box lol

  10. Oh come on... Smoking is a personal choice, theres no need to be a condescending dick about it.
  11. Jesus, That is literally my worst fear, for my teeth to look like that, Ah wtf, I smoke a pack and a half a day :(

    It might be time to cut back, and hit up the dentist.
  12. Gonna have to disagree with a lot of people here, smoking is kinda retarded imo.

    There's no benefit from it. And the first like week you start smoking it's shitty lol. You literally have to TRY to get addicted to these things, knowing fully that it is nothing but cancer.

    But I will admit, everyone looks cooler with a cig in their mouth
  13. [​IMG] we have them on the whole back of the carton there gross pictures too

  14. Oh come on...Pedophilia is a personal choice, do you agree with pedophiles?

    I don't care if it is a personal choice, it is a stupid one.

    You are literally paying thousands of dollars a year to slowly kill yourself.
  15. Yeah, A girl I was partying with on St. Patricks day had one on her Canadian Classics deck. Once they start doing it to studio's I am getting a cigarette case.

  16. Jesus, having to look at that shit every time you smoke a cig must really suck lol.
  17. Ya smoking is stupid but I enjoy it. I never smoked cigs when I was younger, all my friends did in high school but I was poor back then and had better things to spend my limited amopunt of money on. But about 5 or 6 years ago I found out that I really enjoy smoking when Im drinking. Goes hand in hand. And I smoke at work because its a fact that smokers get more breaks than non smokers. I usually dont even have a pack on me, I just go out with coworkers when theyre goin for one. Im a social smoker.

    Thats pretty much it, I never got addicted to it, I dont really understand how people do. I have really strong willpower though. Sometimes I go days without a cigarette then smoke a pack on a party night.

    Oh ya 1 more thing, they are a great time killer when you are waitin for someone.

  18. Smoking is absolutely nothing like pedophilia :rolleyes: And of course its a stupid one, and yes it is killing people who smoke, but im pretty sure they already know that.

    I dont even smoke, I just hate seeing people pushing their own opinions on other people. Theres no need for that.

  19. Yeah, cuz smoking is totally related to raping little kids.

    i really hate the stupid warnings, they make the pack look awful. But i spose its kinda working, cuz people will associate the gross shit on the pack with smoking? dunno, just a theory.
  20. Both of you made the claim that I compared the two actions, when I didn't. I used an example of a stupid personal choice.

    Yes they are unrelated, but both of them are very stupid. And I don't care if you don't like my opinion, what do you want? Me to pull out a fucking lighter and spark up your dart?

    Newsflash, I don't have to agree with you. :rolleyes:

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