new cheech precooler

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    Got a new Cheech precooler today, broke my downstem having a sesh with my buddys so I drive up to hightimes to pick up a new cheech diffuser. as The lady working there is selling me a diffuser she shows me new pre coolers that are $50 canadian but were on clearence for $20 because the truucks shipped them too many. So as I snagged it I grabbed it and hustled them for hemp wick the diffuser and the precooler for $40.... the cream of theocake is that its rasta coloured making it match the rest of my bong ;)good day id say

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  2. i was gonna hate on this, but it actually is something cool.
  3. Yeahh I was afraid some cheech haters would come n hate but thanks duude:)
  4. Those are only 20 at high times?! Ottawa right? Thats awesome man I might have to go downtown and get one of those myself :)
  5. Ontario but they'll prob still hook ya up
  6. I WISH they had that for 20$. ):
  7. i like what cheech has been doing they are making some nice glass that you dont have to be rich to afford
  8. nice pick ups man, cheech is lookin like some nice glass

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