new CFL grow !! need opinions

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  1. this would be my 2nd grow i just need to know if what i plan on using will work and if my space is too big for what im going to use . im growing in a closet thats 4 feet across and 2 feet in and 7 and a half feet high . I plan on using CFL's . right now i only have 3 on my seeds but i will be upgrading soon .. what i plan on using is 12 23w CFl bulbs i added up the lumens and thats exactly 19,200 , is that enough?? oh and the seed is just bagseed nothing special haha . i will post 2 pictures for you guys to get a idea

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  2. first, are you using clear containers? if you are cover them with duct tape...any light is real bad for the roots..

    Second...get a fan in need good ventilation. not blowing directly on the when they are young but they need good air exchange.

    I have never been a big fan of CFL's but Plenty of guys do good with them. Just dont expect a big harvest.

    one last need a Therm/Hygrometer in there...$5 at want to keep the temps between 72-78 and the humidity between 45-65%

  3. bro u dint answer one question i asked haha
  4. I would say yes it would be enough but:
    12-23w bulbs(19000L) at 3.99 a piece......with tax....$50+.....not including fixtures......

    1 400w MH(45000L) at for $119 and will give you 3x the will save money on the electric bill with the cfls though.
  5. Actually you can go the whole time with regular t8 floros. as long as you provide the right spectrum's of light at the right times.
  6. You don't even necessarily need the right spectrum either. It just makes things easier, and better.

    I'm growing a White Widow under about 60 watts of 2700k from sprout rather than 6500k and she is doing just as well as the others did under 6500k.

  7. actually i can get a 12 pack of CFL bulbs at the store for 19.99 so im not really worried about that .. and believe me if i had $200 to blow id be buying HPS lights , ballast , nutes , and alot more things
  8. Totally understandable....believe me I know this hobby can get quite expensive....:eek:

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