New car, I roll through good

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    yall pop the trunk

    I pop the hood


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    why did you take a pic of my car?

    edit: lol jk, but isnt this picture 6 years old, how is this new
  3. Since when is Google images is a car dealership?
  4. Take a pic of you licking the battery, come on it's a rari!
  5. Nice car dude...
  6. Thats nothing OP

    Check out my new ride!!!

  7. only a 360? shits dated man.
  8. You bought a used Ferrari but can't afford a new camera? My cell phone takes better pictures lol
  9. you bought a cell phone but cant buy a ferrari

    i feel bad for you son
  10. Apparently you can afford neither a ferrari or a cell phone.

    I feel real bad for you son.

  11. got both

    i feel real real bad for you son
  12. I would pick my car over a 6 year old ferrari any day. thanks doe
  13. If that really is your car good on ya, I know what it's like to not have people believe it's actually your car..

    Apparently I'm too young to be driving my whip, all I get is "daddy's car?" -.-
  14. I've been interrogated and harassed by cops about my car even after I produce ID, insurance, and registration all indicating that it's mine.
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    People just generally don't believe that young people can start businesses and be successful. They would rather be haters and not believe you. If it's yours then nice car OP. 6 year old ferrari's are still nice. My friends dad has an 04 and that shit is boss as fuck. Although the newer ones are fuckin beastly. I like porsche's personally cuz the insurance isn't as high and the maintenance isn't as crazy. Athough I am hoping to get a used r8 in a few years.
  16. If that is your car that's awesome. I prefer the 360s to te newer ferraris personally. I too drive a car that people sometimes don't believe was paid for by myself..props on making the funds happen, you don't just buy a Ferrari from sitting on your ass.
  17. post some pics of you toking in there

    then i want a nugshot on the engine cover ;)

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