New buds I picked up.

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Victor_Navorski, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. Hello, this is my first post at these forums, Here is some Canadian bud that I just picked up. Payed $25. Very strong smell, good high I got from this weed. How does it look?

    Sorry for bad quality pics, I do have have a camra with me now.

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  2. 25$?!?!?!!?!? I envy you. ohh yah ur in canada. i cant tell how much that is but id be looking at way over 60 bucks where i am, but pictures can be deceiving. well, happy smoking.
  3. Dude, $25. Where I live that would be $60-100. That is so cool. I wish I was you.
  4. Yes, great deal I got :) I smoked a tiny fraction of it with my bong after I posted this and I am pretty over my head. I live in Alberta, Canada btw.
  5. Looks like a FAT hookup, but the bud doesn't look as dank as it could be. Then again it could just be cam quality! smoke on :smoke:
  6. I don't think so, this is just the second time I've bought from this dealer.. Really good stuff.
  7. dude thats badass.:smoke:
  8. Damn that's at least an 8th probably over
    I envy Canadian prices :smoking:
  9. Hey Victor, Do you happen to live in Edmonton and area? I live in Stony Plain:wave:
  10. You suck...:D
    At hungary that's around 2500 Forint = ~12$ !!!!!
  11. well that looks bout right for Texas Prices i pay 5$ for 3 grams and $10 for 6Grams and $20 for Like 14 or 15 depending on my hookups mood
  12. yea CAnada rules i get 8th for 20, 1/4 for 40, half for 80 and o for 150-160 all of dank bud
  13. Mr.FunkDaDilly lol well man we know what kinds of buds u r getting lol < mids at best for that price
  14. texas ahah worst place for weed man get a life and move
  15. Sounds to me like your standard 25 dollar hq, usually some pretty decent bud. For all you americans complaining about high prices, just go in with ur friends and buy in bulk, you wouldn't believe how much cheaper weed becomes when you deal with people higher in the chain. The same bud that goes for 30 an hq can be had for 550 a qp. Thats about 17 bucks for the same hq once you factor it down.
  16. @ Dailytoker I live in Calgary, Never gone to Edmonton. How's the bud and prices over there?
    8th usually go for about $25 here.
    Just got home, got no work to do gonna smoke some bowls, going to get another 8th from the same dealer tomorrow :) Peace.
  17. Picked up more bud from the same dealer. I bought the same amount again, for $25.

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  18. thats a hook-up i get $40 eigths
  19. 1/8 sells here for 25 - 30 $ :D
  20. put something next to it. it looks a little skinny

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