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New Budget Bong!

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by adonzo, Apr 23, 2010.

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    So I recently broke my nicer -but still crappy- 70$ single perc bong, so I took a trip to a local headshop (otters oasis in kalamazoo if anyones wondering lol) and took a look around, in awe of Super nice ROOR/PURE/Other top branded bongs, I took a look to a lower shelf, that had random, various small sized bongs, some of them were ridiculously sized large and some small, but I aimed for more of the -middle- section size... So I found this $40 straight tube, really basic, relatively thick glass, meh, I'll get it. I also grabbed a downstem with a diffuser also for around $5. So I go to work, longest 8 hours of my life! Ha. I bust home and fill this sucker with some water, pull the 'stock' downstem out, put in the diffuser stem and packed the bowl. RIPPIN TIME! Ripped the first one lightly, poured a bit of the water out (too much face splash for my liking :D).

    Second one, grabbed the camera and got this milkshot [​IMG]

    Anyway, this is what it looked like stock.

    Then a close up of the diffuser.

    It rips amazingly for $45 total. I'll rip one for you guys. Have a nice day.
  2. Holy Shit, you live by Kalamazoo? So do I!
  3. haha,,, um not really, im a good distance away from there. was just in town so i hit up the headshop
  4. nice man im still thinking of buy a bong
  5. Pretty sweet bong man, loving the diffusion!
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    Man this new budget bong is amazing!
  7. I live in Kalamazoo... and I drive a Lancer.

    Did the OP say Otter's Oasis carries ROOR? There is no way that is true. If there are ROORs there I'm willing to bet they are fake. That place is brand new. I've been meaning to go check out that shop. I heard tell that they only carry import shit and some local prodo. Now I must see!
  8. Definitely do it. Bongs get me so much more lifted off of bud.

    Thanks, it rips really nice for 45$.

    Yay! It is.

    Nah, they have quite a few large brands, just a few: ROOR, PH(x), Biohazard, Zong, Pure, and then they have tons of bowls, salvia, vapes (volcano and vape bros boxes). I was really surprised that they carried all of this stuff too. Its a great head shop for sure, check it out if you get a chance. Also, they have a deal there that on your birthday you can get 50% off of ANY peice in the store, ANY (500$ ROOR for 250$? Sign me up! :D )
  9. LOL! im always thinking of buying a bong :bongin:
    nice pickup dude! reminds me of the molino mini
  10. Yay! Do it up brutha.
  11. Lol, I said by. I actually live in northern Indiana, but cool to know.
  12. Got my peice form otters oasis from kalamazoon MI for my bday small world lol. nice peice.

    I like the diffuser on glass on gromite.
  13. Alright you've convinced me. As soon as I'm out of bed, I'm going. If those ROORs are fake, I'm raising all of hell into the lobby of the store. JK... but I'll spread the message here for sure.
  14. BUY ONE! seriously best choice of your life, be carefull with percs though they break so easily.

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