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New Bud, Different Effect!?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Backa_, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. So the bud I usually smoke I couldn't get the other night from my usual dealer, my mate went and got some from someone else! Unfortuantly in the UK weed is illegal so no despensories! I smoked this new bud up (don't know the strain) so I took a hit from my bong and immediately I felt relaxed couldn't keep my eyes open then I start playing CoD on the computer, 10 minutes later I get a rush, I'm no longer tired my eyes are wide open and I don't even need to blink and it feels lheavyish, I almost feel like I have hawk vision! I've never had this feeling smoking? Any ideas on why?
  2. Kinda sounds like Grand daddy Purple,that shit can through u into another dimension,long lasting too.,Was it purple???If that s what it is ,enjoy the ride ,you ll be sleeping good tonight
  3. You more then likely had creeper weed aka weed that creeps up on you..
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  4. That makes perfect sense now, I'll try and find out the strain for you guys because It's good stuff :)
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  5. Absolutely.
    Different strains give different effects.
    Hard to tell what strain you had, but try to enjoy a variety of bud.
    If you can keep mental notes on which strains you prefer, all the better.
    I know that in some locations and countries, quality cannabis may be hard to come by.
    Enjoy what is available.
  6. Yeah defintley been sleeping well on it and no I don't think it was but I've smoked it all now :(
  7. Yeah very true would be nice to have more variety
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  8. It also had a soapy taste to it took me awhile to put my finger on it
  9. Wees shouldn't taste soapy. You do live in the land of soap hash though so who knows. Sometimes you come across strains that make shit easier. I remember getting weed sometimes as a teen that would make everything kind of slow motion with the amount of focus. Other times 5 people would smoke a blunt and lay down for an hour. All depends man.
  10. Yeah man, I'm looking into growing myself with some mates, I might start a vlog if i do
  11. Go into the absolute begginers section in cultivation on here and start a journal from germination for all of your grows. It really helps to be able to go back and look at mistakes you've made without trying to remember how much of this or that you messed up with. Plus you'll have loads of experienced growers guiding you along the way. Just listen. Even when you think you know shit about growing. You don't know shit about growing. It's a blast though man. Hands down my favorite hobby.
  12. I will do when I find somewhere to grow. Thanks man means alot
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